Should you Revise on the day before an Exam?

When you are preparing for your exams you may be very nervous. Doing revisions will help you to remember your topics. It helps you to boost your confidence level and therefore you can score well in your exams. Though the revisions are important, it is also essential to know when you must revise and for how much time. Also, you must know whether should you revise on the day before an exam or not.

Quick Takeaways

  • Without any doubt, you must revise on the day before your exam.
  • As revision is essential you must start revising the content at least two weeks before the exam.
  • If you are a night owl, you must revise at night. However, on the other hand, if you are an early bird, you must not revise at night.

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better idea of revising the night before the exam.

Should you Revise on the day before an Exam?

Should you revise on the day before an exam?

Of course, you must revise on the day before the exam. A day before the exam is the last time you can revise your syllabus for the exam. When you are going to the exam, you will need to remember all the things that you have learned so far. It will help you to recall all the concepts within a short time. When you revise the day before the exam, you will be confident that you have learned the concepts thoroughly. Even if you are going for A-levels, you must revise before the exam.

How many days before an exam should you start revising?

Revisions are a crucial part of your exams. It helps you to remember all the concepts more efficiently. Therefore you must start your revisions at an appropriate time. You must begin at least 2 weeks before the exam. When you will start with your revisions, you must begin by creating a timetable and stick to it. If you have left for more than 2 weeks, you must begin as early as possible.

Is it ok to revise at night?

This question involves two different answers. Every student is different and has different abilities. Some of them might be night owls or some might be morning birds. Should you revise at night or not will depend upon who you are – night owl or morning bird. Revising at night could be distracting for you if you are a morning person.

Should you Revise on the day before an Exam?

You may not get proper sleep and also may not be able to revise properly. Whereas, if you are a night person then definitely you must try to revise at night. But you must make sure that you are not revising for too long at night especially if you have your exam the next morning. It will make you feel dizzy all the time during your exam.

How much revision should you do before the day of the exam?

Sometimes, you may not feel motivated for revising your GCSEs and A-levels. You must motivate yourself as they are important to you. Revisions are one of the most important parts of the exam, thus you are likely to start your revisions at least two weeks before your exams. But it is also important to know how many hours you should take for your revisions. Although for normal revisions you must not exceed more than 8 hours of revision in a day. But if we talk about the one day before the exam, you must revise for only 3 hours on that day. 

What should you do one day before your exam?

For most students, one day before your exam will be pretty stressful. They take up so much stress one day before. But this should be avoided by you, as taking up stress one day before the exam will affect your exams. Avoiding stress will help you to keep calm and focus more easily on your exams.
The next step is to practice as many previous papers as you can. Practicing previous papers is a great way for your final revision. After that, the next thing is to take proper rest. Try to take proper sleep before the exam so that your mind is relaxed and refreshed. Avoid taking extra revisions. When you do extra revision, you end up making a lot of burden on yourself. 

Should you Revise on the day before an Exam?

How should you revise one day before the exam?

This is one of the questions that you will have when you are going for your exam. The day before the exam should be stress-free. You must not take any stress. So when you are revising for your exam, especially on the last day, try not to panic. Keep calm and revise the topics that you are least confident about.

The day before the exam is the final shot for your revision. So you must revise the topics that you think are tough for you to remember. The next way for revising on the last day is by practicing a lot of previous papers. Try to practice at least 2 to 3 previous papers. This is the best technique for your final revision.

Is 1 hour of sleep before the exam sufficient?

Well, the obvious answer is No. It is because to refresh your mind and your body you need to have proper rest and sleep. Therefore, having one hour of sleep is not sufficient. It will not give you the rest that your body needs and therefore you will not be able to keep focus during your exams. You must take at least six hours of sleep before the exam. Also, you must know what the things that you need to do during the day of the exam are.

Should you Revise on the day before an Exam?

Is it smart to pull an all-nighter before an exam?

No, there is nothing smart in it, if you are studying full night and not taking a rest. As already mentioned you must take up 6 hours of sleep. This is because it has been seen many times that students do not take a rest before the exam and end up losing focus. You may think that if you revise a full night before the exam, you can easily remember your syllabus, but in reality, it is not the case. When your mind and body are not relaxed, you will have a lot of things in your mind and thus may not be able to recall the proper topics.


Revisions are an important part of your exams. It will help you remember important concepts so that you can score better in your exams. Every student is familiar with the fact that they must start revision at least a few days before the exam, and having revision one day before the exam will help you to remember the concepts more efficiently. However, you must not revise more than 3 hours before the exam. 

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