5-step guide for Mini Multiple Interviews – What are MMIs like?

An interview is the most important aspect of getting admission to the school you want. The way you give your interview helps to leave your first impression. With the changing pattern, the way of taking traditional interviews has also changed. A new style of interview that students have to give to get admission to their choice of school is Mini Multiple Interview. For most of you, this might be a new term. So what is MMI?

Quick Takeaways

  • Mini Multiple Interview or MMI is a set of questions that helps to analyze you in different aspects.
  • Following are the 5 steps that will help you to be prepared for the mini multiple interviews – 
1. Relaxation
2. Take time
3. Practice
4. Ethical Acumen
5. Show Empathy

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of mini multiple interviews.

5-step guide for Mini Multiple Interviews - What are MMIs like?

What is a Mini Multiple Interview?

Mini Multiple Interview or MMI is a set of questions that helps to analyze you in different aspects. It mainly helps to analyze your capabilities like teamwork, self-awareness, oral communication, critical thinking, etc. This is a technique that is widely used by different schools during the selection process. The number of stations asked during the interview depends on which school you have applied for.

You will get a scenario or a problem and you need to prepare according to it. This interview is generally for around 2 hours and some schools may also give you a break in between the MMI. You will get interviewed by different people in a single interview.

How to prepare for MMI? – 5-step guide for Mini Multiple Interviews

Here are some easy ways that will help you to prepare for MMI –

1. Relaxation

The one thing that your interviewer wants to see is how relaxed and calm you stay in different situations. You should not panic or feel nervous during MMI. Although you may feel stressed you should relax and give your best. Remember this is the time when you need to show them why you deserve to be in their school.

2. Take time

Do not answer in a panic. Take your time to think and then answer the problem. Think about what you would have done in that specific situation. You can take your time to describe what you think about the situation and how you will deal with that situation. 

5-step guide for Mini Multiple Interviews - What are MMIs like?

3. Practice

If you want, you can practice different sample papers related to MMI. This will help you to know what type of questions you can expect in your MMI. It will help you to boost your confidence and do well in your MMI.

4. Ethical Acumen

There are a lot of questions that are related to ethics. You must have knowledge of terminology related to your subject. You must know the ethics involved in your related stream. 

5. Show Empathy

Many times you will find questions that are related to the relationship between you and the other person. You must show them how you can help someone in that situation. These types of questions generally are asked in medical schools

Why do schools prefer MMI?

Currently, MMI is becoming the basic standard for selecting students. This is because multiple people take interviews with you together. It helps the admission council of the school to understand how you communicate with others at a time. With the help of MMIs, you also get a chance to showcase your skills to the interviewer. The interviewer will be able to see your skills like teamwork, communication, maturity level, etc.

Is MMI hard?

MMI is a little harder than the normal interview. This is because, in a normal interview, you are only interviewed by a single person. But in MMI the interview is taken by multiple interviewees. There are many areas in which you are analyzed in MMI. MMI will not just be analyzing your academic capabilities but will also determine your other skills. Some students may find it hard and start feeling nervous. To prevent this, you must think that this test will only benefit you, as you will be able to explore yourself. This might help you to relax while you are going for MMI.

5-step guide for Mini Multiple Interviews - What are MMIs like?

How do multiple mini-interviews work?

Generally, you will get to see around 6 – 10 mini questions that you will be answering over 2 hours. For every single question, you will get 2 minutes to prepare for giving answers. You get to interact with the interviewer for 5 to 8 minutes for every question. Also, you will get a 10-minute break in between. The format is designed in such a format that it will help to know the specific skills of the student. Also, this gives you a chance to make a first impression on multiple people. 

What kind of topics are covered in MMI?

There are no specific topics that are included in MMI. The format is designed just like a traditional interview method. It will analyze your verbal and non-verbal skills in addition to other skills like teamwork, critical thinking, etc. The most common topics that you will see in the exam are as follow – 

1. Scenario-Based Questions 

As the name indicates, you will get questions based on different situations, and you will have to discuss what you will do if you are in that situation. 

2. Current affairs Questions

In such a type of question, you may need to discuss your opinion on the current things going on around the world. You shall share your thoughts related to it, like what could be the possible measure to prevent it or what you think about why such a situation occurs. 

5-step guide for Mini Multiple Interviews - What are MMIs like?

3. Personal Questions

This is an essential part of every type of interview. Questions like why you want to be a part of their school can be asked. It helps them to evaluate what are your expectations from the school. Also, it helps them to know you better. 

4. Collaborative Questions

This type of question will help to know how good you are at teamwork or communicating with others. In such questions, you have to work along with other participants to help them with a specific type of question. 


Multi Mini Interview is the latest way of taking interviews at schools. Although they are not tough, some students still may feel stressed during the interview. You must feel relaxed while giving the interview. There are different types of questions that you will find in the exam. Don’t feel nervous while giving the interview. This test helps analyze your abilities according to your critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, etc. 

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