Super Duolingo Cost in 2024: Is Premium Worth it?

Thinking of taking Super Duolingo, but not sure about its price? Don’t worry. Although I have used it before, one of my friends has recently taken it. Thus, I know the latest Super Duolingo cost. I will be sharing it here and will also explore whether it’s worth it or not. So, let’s start with a brief introduction to Super Duolingo and find out how much you have to pay for it.

Quick Takeaways

  • Super Duolingo is the premium subscription plan that you will get for Duolingo.
  • There are a lot of features that you get with Super Duolingo – Unlimited hearts, legendary levels, etc.
  • Super Duolingo is the same as Duolingo Plus. The only difference is that Super Duolingo is the advanced name of Duolingo Plus.
  • The cost of Super Duolingo will vary with the type of plan taken and the area you are living in.
Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

What is Super Duolingo?

Duolingo’s premium membership is called Super Duolingo. In 2022, it replaced Duolingo Plus, giving the owl a modern makeover. I have taken it once and I know what it does for you. It unlocks several cool new features like unlimited health and removes ads. Although we will discuss the features later, let us first look at the cost of Super Duolingo.


The cost of Super Duolingo is determined by several factors, including where you live, how long you subscribe, and whether you choose an individual or family plan. So what are these plans?

Individual plan

It is the plan that you take for only yourself. You can not add a member to use it. Below is the revised pricing for 2024 for an annual subscription plan:

  • $6.99 per month in the United States.
  • £4.99 per month in the United Kingdom
  • $10.83 AUD per month in Australia.
  • CAD$ 9.99 per month in Canada.
  • €7.33 per month in the EU.

Interesting fact: I have taken the subscription plan, the previous year. To my surprise, there is no change in its pricing.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Super Duolingo family plan

The Family Plan is the opposite of the individual plan. It allows you with up to 5 other individuals to join from a single account. It will help you to save money. Let us understand with an example-

In the United Kingdom, a Family Plan costs £89.99 per year. Spread among six individuals, that’s £14.99 (₹1537.85) per year – or just £1.24 each month. It is too low if we compare it to its annual individual plan.

If you are facing issues related to the subscription plan, you can always try to contact them.

Isn’t Duolingo supposed to be free? 

Yes, Duolingo is completely free. Super Duolingo is an optional add-on. The free membership includes all you need, including lessons, audio lessons, podcasts, leagues, etc. See, Duolingo follows a model known as Freemium. In this model, you get all the content freely with in-app purchases. If you can tolerate the advertising and the heart system, you probably won’t be interested in Super.

Are there taxes or fees with a Super Duolingo subscription purchase? 

It is the biggest confusion when we think of buying a subscription plan. Thus, we have discussed more on the taxes and the fees related to the Duolingo subscription plan-

1. Taxes

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Your Super Duolingo membership purchase may be subject to taxes according to the applicable tax regulations in your area. It means you may pay take based on where you live. After completing the transaction, your receipt will include the applicable taxes. Any related taxes will be repaid if your Super Duolingo membership is refunded.

2. Additional Fees

Google Play and Apple: If you subscribe via the mobile app, Google Play, or Apple, contact them, if you have any queries regarding currency conversion rates, fees, or taxes. It is because, again, depending upon the area, you may pay additional fees.

Web: If you buy a subscription through the website, your credit card company or bank may impose foreign conversion costs. The rate at which a refund is processed may vary since foreign currency rates change regularly.

Please, get in touch with your bank if you need further details on expenses or currency rates.

Is Super Duolingo the same as Duolingo Plus? 

Remember when you get Duolingo Plus? It was the previous edition of Duolingo’s premium service. So what is the difference? As of now, there is no such difference. In most aspects, Super Duolingo and Duolingo Plus are identical. All of the features are the same. The only change is the name and style. Super Duolingo owl has a more vibrant, futuristic look.

What are the features and advantages of Super Duolingo?

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Although now we have discussed the price, it is time to know the features you get. Without knowing the features, we can not say if it is worth it. Thus, to understand it, the following are the features and advantages of Super Duolingo-

1. Unlimited Hearts

Super Duolingo gives you a limitless amount of hearts, removing the limit on the number of mistakes you make while practicing. This feature allows you to practice without worry of running out of hearts.

Update: Duolingo keeps on updating its platform. Earlier, there was a limit on hearts only on mobile apps but at present you get it with the Desktop version also.

2. Unlimited Legendary Level Attempts 

Legendary levels are tough levels within Duolingo courses. It tests your abilities in a more advanced and thorough manner. You get limitless attempts at these legendary levels using Super Duolingo, allowing you to practice and enhance your language ability at a greater difficulty level.

 3. Unlimited Timed Challenge Attempt

Duolingo’s timed challenges add a time limitation to language exercises, pushing users to think fast and effectively. Super Duolingo allows you to do an infinite number of timed tasks. I have taken these exercises, and they have helped me a lot. In fact, it is one of the two features I love about Super Duolingo.

Note: Although this feature is removed, you still get the benefit of it with Super Duolingo. How? To take them you will have to give your gems. As you have taken super Duolingo, you do not need to save them for other important things. It allows you to unlock the timed challenges as much as you want.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

4. Complete Access to the Practise Hub/Personalized Practise

Super Duolingo provides full access to the practice hub, which contains a variety of exercises and activities to develop your personal needs. While using the subscription plan, this personalized practice tool helped me identify areas where I may need further practice.

5. Monthly Streak Repair

Maintaining a streak that indicates continuous days of learning may be motivational for you. Super Duolingo has a monthly streak repair option that helps you restore your streak once per month, guaranteeing that a missed day does not destroy your streak.

Note: There is no more streak repair benefit with Super Duolingo.

 6. Super Duolingo App Icon

Super Duolingo subscribers also receive a distinctive app icon distinguishing them from other users. This aesthetic distinction allows you to display your Super Duolingo membership and adds a personal touch to your language learning experience.

Remember: It can only be done on iOS.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

7. Ad Removal

Now the most important one – Ad Removal. From the name itself, you must have understood that Super Duolingo gives you an ad-free learning environment. It is the second feature that I love with Super Duolingo. This allows me to concentrate only on language learning without interruptions from advertising content.

How to get Super Duolingo?  

Till the previous year, there were users with Duolingo Plus. But, presently, everyone has Super Duolingo. However, the question is how to get it. Below I have shown the steps to understand how you can take it on both platforms-


On mobile, upgrading to Super Duolingo is a breeze. Here, I will show how to upgrade to iOS.

To begin, go on the app and click on the heart at the right-hand top corner.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

After that, you will get a new window with an unlimited heart option. Click on it.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Now you will get a new window. Tap on ‘try for $0.0.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

You will get a new window. Click on – Start my free 2 weeks.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Now you will see a new page showing you to get a reminder before the end of the trial period. Again click on Start my free 2 weeks.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Now. you will have to choose the plan you want. Once done, click on Start my free 2 weeks.

You will get a window where you have to subscribe to super Duolingo to get the membership.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

You will have to subscribe first to get the membership. To get it, click on the Subscribe option and follow the steps given below-

  • Now you will have to add the password of your Apple ID.
  • Select ‘Try/Get Super’ from the top banner and follow the instructions.
  • Select ‘View all plans’.
  • Choose your preferred subscription bundle. They have monthly, annual/individual, and annual/family plans available. The individual/family plan for 12 months is billed yearly.
  • Confirm your purchase. Congratulations! You have now unlocked Super Duolingo.

Important: The above are the steps for the iOS device. If you are using Android, you may follow similar steps to get it. However, it is important to note that not all Android users are getting the option of Super Duolingo.


Following are the steps to get on the desktop-

Go to the official website of Duolingo. On the right-hand side, click on Try two weeks free trial. You can also go to the shop and get the Super Duolingo option.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

After that, you will again get a new window. Again click “Start my free 14 days.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

You will get a new screen with the features you get with Duoligo. Click on try for $0.0.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

Again a new window will open. It will state that you get a reminder two days before the plan expires. Again click on the “Start my free 14 days” option.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

You will now get a new screen with the option of choosing the subscription plan. Don’t worry. Your money is safe for 14 days and can be canceled if you do not want it. When you select the membership, click “Start my free 14 days”.

Now you will get the payment window. Fill in the details and click on the ‘Start my free 14 days’ option.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

When you do it, you get the Super Duolingo membership.

Note: All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless they are canceled. You can do it at any time. The existing progress and streak will not be affected by it.

What are the benefits of Super Duolingo?

Let us now concentrate on what are the benefits of using it. There are several benefits of Super Duolingo which I have mentioned below-

1. Less penalty

According to Duolingo, you get a balance between the content and practice. But I don’t think so. I have been using it for a long time, and I think, it truly penalizes you for making mistakes. If you get too many questions wrong, you will lose your life. The heart system creates hurdles that may lead you to go back. With an endless number of hearts, Super Duolingo clears the path. 

2. Useful

It removes advertisements, allowing for a smoother and faster transition between classes. It also helps you to get rid of the heart system. There will be no more 4-hour delay for a heart refill. If you ask me why to take Super Duolingo, I will suggest these two reasons.

Super Duolingo Cost: Is Premium Worth it?

With these features, Super Duolingo can be worthwhile for individuals who can invest money. On the other hand, the free version is useful.

Is Duolingo Plus worth it?

Finally, it’s time to know if it is worth it. To give you a clear picture, I have given a table below on the conditions for when to take it and when not to take it-

Conditions when to take itConditions when not to take it
You’re fed up with the heart system and advertisementsWhen just getting started with language study.
There is no tight budget.You are not ready to make a long-term commitment to Duolingo
You’ve been using Duolingo every day.If you want to spend money on something else or use them to get additional resources
You’re OK with the heart system or advertisements.
When you mostly use Duolingo’s desktop version.

From the table above, you may understand whether to use it. According to me, there is not much need for it. As I am here to learn, I get everything I need with the free version. Instead, I prefer saving money for other platforms. If you’re still confused, I recommend, going for the Super Duolingo free trial. Duolingo normally offers it for 14 days. If 14 days isn’t enough time to decide, it can be worth joining for a month. With it, you will understand if it’s the perfect membership. However, if 14 days are enough for you and you do not want it, be sure to cancel it, otherwise, you will lose your money.


Taking up Super Duolingo gives you two main advantages – Unlimited health and Removal of ads. Thus, you may want to know the Super Duolingo price. Super Duolingo pricing varies by area and membership chosen. There are two types of plans that you take up – Individual and Family plans. The prices are different for both plans, the family plan allows you to save a lot if you can find 5 more partners to take it. However, I would suggest you to save your money for other subscription based platforms.

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