Top 10 Discrete Mathematics Books 2024 (Updated)

When we go to a market, we want the best for ourselves. It is the same for the books we are using to study. My students thoroughly believe in it. While studying discrete math, one of my students wanted to get the best Discrete Mathematics books for herself. She was really confused and asked me for help. I did some research and got to know the best books for the subject. I was glad that I could help her and many of my other students. However, here I am with the latest books that are helping the students to learn the language

Top Discrete Mathematics Books
Top Discrete Mathematics Books

What is discrete mathematics?

Discrete Mathematics is the study of discrete functions instead of continuous functions. It is that branch of mathematics that helps you to study subjects that have separate values. The concepts that you get in discrete mathematics are natural numbers, integers, etc. It does not include concepts like real numbers, calculus, etc. There are a lot of topics that you will find in discrete mathematics like set theory, theoretical computer science, graph theory, various algorithms, etc which are given by various mathematicians. 

List of the books that help to learn discrete mathematics – Discrete Mathematics Books

Following are the books that are useful in learning discrete mathematics easily – 

1.) Discrete Mathematics With Application 5th Edition by Susanna S. Epp

Top Discrete Mathematics Books

This book is about the basics for newbies and computer scientists. It explains complex topics in a very easy manner. The topics that you can get to learn are algorithm analysis, cryptography, combinatorics, etc. It explains the role of discrete math in the world of tech and science. The list price of it on various platforms is-

  • Kindle  – $41.07 – $81.99
  • Hardcover – $27.48 – $193.83
  • Paperback – $84.24 – $88.29

2.) Graphs – An Introductory Approach by Robin J. Wilson, John J. Watkins

It covers graph properties, introduces several algorithms, and gives details about applications to chemistry, biology, and the social sciences. This is the only work on graph theory offered for newbies. Prices of it on various platforms are – 

  • Hardcover – $90.19 – $168.38
  • Paperback – $24.10

3.) Introductory Discrete Mathematics bY V.k. Balakrishnan

If you are a fresher this book is for you. You will get to learn about the fundamentals of the operations, graph surveys, permutation, combinations, etc. It helps you to examine how network optimization works. Although it does not offer you a very deep knowledge as the other books, still it is the best book for a fresher. The list price of it on various platforms is – 

  • Kindle  – $9.99
  • Hardcover – $72.03
  • Paperback – $13.99
Top Discrete Mathematics Books
Top Discrete Mathematics Books

4.) Discrete Mathematics: An Open Introduction by Oscar Levin

 If you have a major in mathematics or are fresher this book is very helpful for you. The book explains the four components – Counting, Sequences, Logic, Graph Theory, etc. You will get around 470 activities and exercises in this book. The list price of it on different platforms is – 

  • Kindle  – $2.99
  • Paperback – $14.99

5.) Extremal Finite Set Theory by Daniel Gerbner and Balazs Patkos

In the book, recent and historical findings in the field of extremal set system theory are reviewed. Shifting, profile polytopes, flag algebras, and other key methods and tools utilized in the many areas are all explained in the books. The data type of a family of sets that fulfill specific combinatorial features is the main focus of the book. You will also find the recent developments in the fields of set systems and extremal combinatorics. The price list of it on various platforms is – 

  • Kindle – $53.92
  • Hardcover – $93.95

6.) Discrete Mathematics by Richard Johnsonbaugh

It is a book that covers the fundamentals of discrete mathematics with proof. You will see topics related to trees, recurrence, algorithms, number theory, etc. There are around 4500 exercises in the book which help you to give a deep knowledge about it. Also, you will learn how to write proofs for illustrations. The price list of it various platforms is – 

  • Hardcover – $40.12 – $89.71
  • E-textbook – $44.99 – $74.99
Top Discrete Mathematics Books
Top Discrete Mathematics Books

7.) Essential Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science by Harry Lewis and Rachel Zax

It is one of the best books for undergraduate courses. This book will give you an idea of the basics needed in discrete mathematics. There are a total of 31 chapters that aid you in getting practical knowledge of the subject. It also teaches you mathematical reasoning and related skills and concepts. The price list of it on different platforms is – 

  • Kindle – $17.21- 60.49
  • Hardcover – $31.42 – $72

8.) Book Of Proof by Richard Hammack

This book helps you to focus on how to write proofs and logic. The book is like a lecture that will easily make you understand the various theories. You will also get the study plan to make you understand the logic and the proofs by involving various exercises. The list price of it on various platforms is – 

  • Hardcover – $29.25
  • Paperback – $21.75

9.) Recurrent Sequences by Dorin Andrica and Ovidiu Bagdasr

The book is written in a form that you get a wide readership for different forms like scholars and undergraduates. The data involved in the book is the latest and is related to the research that is taking place. There are two sections of this book. The first one includes theoretical knowledge and the other one is practical knowledge. You will find around 123 problems in this book. Prices of it on various platforms are – 

  • Hardcover – $48.84
  • Paperback – $42.58 – $62.41
  • E-textbook – $19.58 – $40.45

10.) Handbook Of Enumerative Combinatorics by Miklos Bona

This book will bring the work of current researchers together. It helps to study the methods of combinatorial enumeration about its applications. The author has written four books and 65 research papers. He has also written an award-winning paper i.e Combinatorics of Permutations. The topics that are covered are planar maps, graph enumeration, trees, tilings, computer algebra, etc. The list price of it on different platforms is – 

  • Hardcover – $152.02 – 235
  • E-textbook – $24.58 – 50.80


Discrete mathematics is a branch of mathematics that helps you to understand various discrete concepts like graph theory, algebra, series, etc. As a mathematics student, you may want to know about the best books available to learn about discrete mathematics. The article gives you the top ten books that can help you in learning discrete series. 

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