Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend in 2024

In today’s time, getting a good quality education has become very difficult. From travel expenses to tuition fees, everything has become expensive. However, with the growing trends, many universities are helping students by covering 100% of their expenses. This means that they will pay you to attend college. Yes! you hear it right. Many online colleges pay you to attend their online programs. Here we will help you to learn about such colleges and also how to go to college for free.

Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend

Online Colleges That Pay You To Attend

High tuition fees have become one of the leading factors for college dropouts. But if we tell you that there are online colleges that pay you to attend, will you agree? Yes, you can indeed get paid for attending online colleges. As you will be attending the college online you will also not need to pay the rent of the room. Following are the online colleges that pay you to attend-

1. Berea College

The main mission of this college was to teach the principles of Jesus Christ. The students have to pay an average amount of $1000 just for meals, housing, and other kinds of fees. Students get a complete four-year education totally free which may cost them around $100000 approximately. It is one of the only eight federally accepted Working Colleges in the whole U.S. 60% of any first-year students have a $0 family contribution. There are 15 teacher programs and 16 national and international honour societies.

  • The requirements to get into Berea college are – 
  1. GPA: 3.54 (for weighted and unweighted)
  2. SAT Score: 540-640
  3. Act Score: 21-27
  • Acceptance Rate – 33%

2. Columbia University

Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend

There are a lot of programs that are provided online with various certifications and degrees. Students can enrol themselves in various kinds of online programs like technology, social protection, health, etc. The university has 22 libraries and more than 200 study-abroad programs. It is an invention hub. Many famous inventions – the FM radio, the atomic bomb, the neon laser, etc were created here. When you are applying to these universities and have sent the SAT score you may see awaiting fulfilment option which shows that your scores are out and has received by the school.

  • The requirements to get into Columbia University are – 
  1. GPA: 4.12
  2. SAT Score: 1560
  3. Act Score: 35
  • Acceptance Rate – 6.7%

3. University Of Arizona Global Campus

It provides various Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The mission is to give students high-quality, affordable, and innovative programs. Online courses at UAGC can only be taken one at a time. The student needs only 5-6 weeks to complete the courses. There are also may be courses of 2-week or 4-week programs that you can take up. This helps them to learn along with enjoying every aspect of their life. The topmost 3 requested degrees are –

  • Bachelor of Arts In Business Organization 
  • Bachelor of Arts In Organizational Management
  • Bachelor of Arts In Early Childhood Education
  • The requirements to get into the University of Arizona are – 
  1. GPA: 3.39
  2. SAT Score: 
  3. Act Score: 21-29
  • Acceptance Rate – 85%
Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend

4. Athabasca University

It is a Canadian University that is located in the city of Athabasca, Alberta, Canada. It was the first Canadian University that offers online distance education. There are almost 70 online graduate and undergraduate programs and 850 online certification courses. It also allows the students to get a degree along with professional courses. The basic criteria to become an Athabasca University student is that the student must be 16 or above. 

  • Requirements to get into this college are – GPA: 3.50
  • Acceptance Rate – 93%

5. University Of Cambridge

The university provides free courses via iTunes. There are 300 audio and video materials available for the students to access. Students can have access to it through software downloads from MAC or windows laptops. The university provides many programs from creative writing to data science courses. It is planning to teach all the undergraduate courses online so that every student could get flexible timings to study. 

  • The requirements to get into the University of Cambridge are – 
  1. GPA: 3.7
  2. SAT Score: 700
  3. Act Score: 32
  • Acceptance Rate – 21% 

6. eDX

eDX is a platform where students can find various long and short courses offered by top universities. There are a lot of Master’s degrees that are available on this platform.  This platform has over 160 member universities including Harvard, The University Of Texas System, Berkeley, etc. Professional courses required a minimum of 5-8 hours per week. Whereas, Master’s degree programs may require 10 -20 hrs per week for 1-3 yrs. You may also get anesthesiology courses on the platform. However, as it is a big responsibility you must try to take them through the schools only.

7. Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University is located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. It is one of the private Christian Liberal Arts Univesity. The university provides many online graduate and undergraduate programs that students could take along with their busy schedules. All the courses are designed in such a manner, that helps to develop the required skills. 

  • The requirements to get into Lipscomb University- 
  1. GPA: 3.71
  2. SAT Score: 1080-1310
  3. Act Score: 22 -29

Acceptance Rate – 62%

8. Barclays University

Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend

Barclay was founded in 1917 and is located in Haviland, Kansas. It is a free Christian college that welcomes all evangelical denomination students. There are many Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Worship Arts, Ministry Of Youth, and Pastoral Ministry. Many people think that Christian students should get a quality education without any debt. Therefore, these supporters give a lot of donations to the college. Students in this university receive $1500 as a scholarship. 

  • The requirements to get into Barclay University are – 
  1. GPA: 2.3
  2. SAT Score: 936
  3. Act Score: 19

Acceptance Rate – 48%

9. Southern New Hampshire University

It is a private university that is located in Manchester & Hooksett, New Hampshire. The university offers various courses in Hospitality, Commerce, Health, and education. Due to the online programs, this university has become one of the most advanced universities in the whole U.S. Most of the online programs will help students in their corporate careers.

  • The requirements to get into Southern New Hampshire- 
  1. GPA: 3.06
  2. SAT Score: 960
  3. Act Score: 19

Acceptance Rate – 94%

Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend

10. Ashford University

Ashford University is a certified university located in San Diego, California, United States. The mission is to give students quality and inexpensive education. It provides all kinds of degrees – from bachelor’s to Doctoral. This university not only provides online programs but also helps students by giving them financial assistance, grants, etc. 

  • The requirements to get into Ashford University are – 
  1. GPA: 3.11
  2. SAT Score: 850-1080
  3. Act Score: 21

How to get paid to go to college?

Following are the ways to get paid to go to college-

1. Corporate tuition reimbursement

One of the ways is to get a tuition refund as a benefit from your employer. This benefit could help to get paid for going to school. Now, this policy differs for every organization. Some may provide refunds only for studies that are related to their own businesses. Others may provide for every program. 

2. Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are the best gifts that help students to go to college for free. There are so many different types of scholarships that are available. Many organizations and people give donations to these universities for children of low-class income people. Students can apply for these scholarships as many times as they want. It becomes easier to apply for scholarships once you enroll in any college program.

Top 10 online colleges that pay you to attend

3. Look for tuition-free Colleges

There are different schools and colleges that do not charge any kind of tuition fee. But to get this advantage, students must fulfil certain criteria. One of the criteria might be that you should be from a particular state. Or sometimes, they might ask you to work for a fixed number of hours on campus. Thus you must know how many hours you must work. This all depends upon what kind of courses are you looking for. Some of the colleges that have a tuition-free policy are – 

  • Barclay College
  • United State Merchant Marine Academy
  • United State Airforce Academy
  • Warren Wilson College
  • Webb Institue

4. Look for online tuition-free Colleges

The traditional method of teaching in the classroom has been now changing. Many colleges have started giving online courses. Even though the college is giving free programs, it still might not be easy for some students to attend college. There are many online tuition-free colleges that give the same level of help to students. Some such colleges are listed below – 

  • Arizona State University
  • University Of The People
  • Duke University
online colleges that pay you to attend


Education is the most important thing in a student’s life. But in today’s world, getting that quality education has become very expensive. There are many students who are not able to get it as they are unable to pay their tuition fees. But with the new trends and online education, things have become easy. There are many online colleges that pay you to attend the school.

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