Transferring your child to another School – Guide for Parents

Every parent wants their child. To get into a school that does fulfill their needs and enhances their skills whether it is at the beginning of academic life or it’s the final year. There will be a situation where after going to school the student doesn’t find it very profitable. You may decide to think about transferring your kid to another school.

Quick Takeaways

  • Though there could be several reasons including the change of location and if the child is having special needs for transferring to the new school. 
  • You must know the right way for selecting the right school for you. 
  • Starting with you must think of contact with the local authority. 
  • It will help you to find out the available schools for your kid. 
  • You may also be in contact with the school head and the teachers where you want to send the kid. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of transferring your child to another school.

Transferring Your Child to Another School – Guide for Parents

Though there are several reasons for transferring your child, the two most common are-

Moving School due to location change

If a student is changing schools due to having transferred to a different location, in that case, the student’s parents need to contact the local Council of the area where they are relocating. The Council may ask you to give proof of the new address so that they can do their work properly for searching for a correct School.

With the address proof, you also need to submit the proof that shows that your child will be available at the address before the next School term. You should always choose multiple schools so that you could at least get into a single school.

Transferring a child due to special education needs

For every student who is getting transferred from one school to another after spending much time in a school is a very emotional time. An increase in students who do have disabilities cannot study in a normal school and thus are being transferred to the specialized school for disabled students. 

How to choose the correct School to transfer to? 

Following are the things that you should think about while considering the correct school-

Transferring your child to another School - Guide for Parents

You can contact the local council in order to find available places for your kids to go to school. The council will help you by informing you of the schools which are near you and they will prefer the location which you have given.

If you want your kid to have admission to the correct school, you should first make contact with the head of the school to which school you want to send your children.

You can also talk to the teachers and talk to them about the subject the child wants to take. By this, you will be able to ask questions based on any confusion and be clear about the teaching style or the teacher, or the environment of the school.

The parents should focus on the skills and the teaching style of the school so that after their children go to school they gain all the learning skills and knowledge which will be helpful for their future.

Transferring your child to another School - Guide for Parents

Should the parent consider going to a private school? 

A private school is a fee-based school where there is no government fund given to the student and many parents are interested in sending their children to a private school for private education.
As every parent wants, their children should get a new educational approach. As the private Schools don’t follow any government guidelines and do have their own teaching style. Parents or students who want to transfer to a private school need to contact the school directly to get all the inquiries that are important. Though if your kid is just not willing to go to any of the schools, you may think of calling the police.

How to apply to a new school?

When finding a correct School job is finished then the first step is to notify the current School about transferring to the school and contacting the suitable authority. After that, the parents should apply to the new school.


Transferring the children to another School is a very tough procedure and stressful for the parents as they have to unsettle everything and then settle again after reaching the other location. Getting transferred from one school to run the school is a very emotional moment for the student as they do have their friends in the old school which they don’t want to lose and going to a new school will be very tough for the student because they have to start again such as building new friendship etc.

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