Whales English Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

There are currently a lot of internet portals where you may share lesson plans for teaching English. Whale English is one such website that helps you to offer lesson plans to the students. You can instruct China-based kids with it. But is Whales English really worth it?

Quick Takeaways

  • To apply on this platform you need to be a native English speaker. 
  • The platform gives you high pay rates and if you are taking a group class of 6 six students, then more pay will be given to you. 
  • The support team on this platform is also good the only problem you may face is finding your first class booking as the classes are booked by the parents.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to the whales english.

Whales English Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

What is Whales English?

Just as tutlo, Nil English, All Right English, you will be learning the English language in whales English. Whales English also referred to as Sprout, is a Chinese-based online teaching institution. It is one of the platforms that allow students mostly Chinese to connect with tutors. It is one of the jobs that you can do sitting at home. It has more than 10,000 registered students and is still growing. This platform was made for English language learners between the ages of 3 and 18. They have roughly 4000 distinct classes with more than 500 native English-speaking teachers. You will find the average class size of two students.

Advantages of being a Whale English tutor

  • It gives you higher pay when compared to other platforms.
  • If you are teaching students in a group that is up to 6 students, you will get even higher pay. 
  • There will be 12 monthly contracts once you are accepted on this platform.
  • You can easily create long-term relations with the students.
  • The support system is also nice and responsive.

Disadvantages of being a Whale English Tutor

  • You can not apply if you are a non-native speaker
  • Both degree and TEFL/TESOL certification are required just like zebra English.
  • You need to give feedback to the parents which are not paid, unlike other platforms. 
  • There are penalties as well if there is any attendance issue.
  • The material that you get from the platform involves grammar errors.
  • As the class is booked by the parents, getting your first class may be difficult.
Whales English Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

whales English review – Is Whale English worth it?

As long as you match Whales English’s tight eligibility and nationality standards, they provide highly competitive pay rates for online ESL instruction unlike classing elt, betakid, or hellokid. It also provides various incentives along with the pay rate. They are also a wonderful choice if you prefer to form long-lasting bonds with regular students.

Though you must remember that it may be challenging to create long-term plans with the organization. It is because the company may reduce compensation and bonuses. Whales English may not be the best option for everyone if you prefer teaching older students. You may also need to provide unpaid written comments and grading. Although you must note that this company is not hiring right now due to the current changes in China.

Is Whale English Legit?

Yes, it is a Legitimate platform that was established in 2013. The growing number of students on this platform shows how reliable it is to use this platform. It was started by a group of Chinese parents as a non-profit organization. The main goal of it was to introduce a US curriculum to Chinese Students. Although its legitimacy can be defined by its Partnerships with prominent worldwide companies including National  Geographic, Oxford University Press, etc.

Whales English Honest In-depth Review: Read Before Applying?

How much Whale English pays you?

Whale English offers you a pay rate between $18-$26 for a 50 minutes session. Though you must know that you will get $18 for each trial class. If you are teaching during the peak hours during weekends i.e between 7-9 pm then you may earn $2 extra on your regular pay rate. After completing a 50 minutes session you must be able to give feedback to the student within the next 10 minutes. This makes the timing of each session 1 hour. In short, we can say that you are getting $18-$26 per hour.

If the student does not attend the booked class you will get the 20% to 50% of the pay rate. If you can give 64 classes in a month without canceling or any technical issues, you will get an attendance bonus as well. In addition to it, if you can convert the trial student into a regular student you get a bonus of $5. You also get the bonus of referring to the tutor on the platform. For starting three successful referrals you get $100, for the 4th to 8th referral you get $120 and after the 8th referral, you will start getting $150. 

Requirements for becoming a tutor on Whale English

  • You need to be a native speaker.
  • There should be both a Bachelor’s and TESOL or TEFL.
  • You should have 1-year of experience in online teaching.
  • Working laptop with at least 4 GB RAM.
  • You must have either an inbuilt or external web camera and microphone of good quality.

How to apply as a tutor on this platform?

To apply as a tutor on this platform you will have to go through the following steps-

  • Start by signing up on the official webpage and completing the application form. You will need to add up all the necessary information that is asked on the application form.
  • You need to give your resume and cover letter as well in the application.
  • Within 1 or 2 business days you will get a response to your application. It will include an invitation to a meeting and mock class. 
  • In the interview, you will need to give answers to the questions related to the platform or the teaching skills. 
  • With it, you will need to give a demo class session to showcase your skills for the interview. 
  • After the interview is done you need to go for background testing. 
  • When done, if you pass the interview and clear the background check then you will get a contract via email. You need to sign it and revert it to the company.


As long as you meet Whales English’s tight eligibility and nationality standards they provide you with highly competitive pay rates for online ESL instruction. They also provide the number of initiatives along with the pay rates. If you want long-term bonds for regular students they are a wonderful choice, though it may be a bit difficult to create long-term plans with the organization because of the reduction in compensation and bonuses by the company.

We can conclude that Whales English is not the best option if you prefer teaching senior students, as you may have to provide unpaid written comments and grading. Although you must know that this company is not hiring right now due to current circumstances in China.

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