What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

You must have heard that getting good scores in your academics will only allow you to get a good job. Your teachers and even your parents will encourage you to get good grades because it will help you to get a high-paying job. However, with the change in the current education system, students have started getting into more highest-paying creative jobs.

Quick Takeaways

  • Here are some of the most common high-paying creative jobs – 
1. Store planner 
2. Graphic designer 
3. Marketing Manager
4. Video Editor
5. Copywriter
6. Technical Designer

However, you must read till the end to find out their annual salary of them and not miss any crucial information related to it.

What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

Following are the 10 top-paying creative jobs that you can take up-

1. Store planner

As a store planner, you will have to look at the design of the shops and will have to manage the outlet in an efficient manner. How the floor look will depend upon you. If you are the planner of a fashion store then you may have to arrange the window to display the fashion line. It is your duty to see which section will fit in which corner. To become a store planner you must have an understanding of or designing the shop and customer psychology.

Average annual salary: £27,418

2. Graphic designer

If you are creative and have great knowledge of various software you can think of becoming a graphic designer. As a graphic designer, you can create posters, billboards, and logos, and may also design the packaging of the product depending upon your profile. Being a graphic designer you may also need to create layouts for magazines or brochures. You will need to have skills like flexibility and you must have a great creativity level. Depending upon the type of work you must be able to produce the right content.

Average annual salary: £23,764

What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

3. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, the biggest task that you will have to do is to think creatively and make a strategy that helps the organization to grow. You will be responsible for all the durations made for the marketing team. To become a marketing manager you must have leadership and communication skills as you will have to look after a whole team. You will also need to have skills like problem-solving and management. As it is one of the highest-paying jobs becoming a marketing manager is difficult. You may need to gain some experience to become a marketing manager.

Average annual salary: £35,000

4. Gallery manager

If you love to attend various exhibitions or galleries you may think about becoming a gallery manager. As the gallery manager, you will need to manage the budget and the account of the museum or the gallery. It is your duty to ensure that the visitors enjoy the art displayed in the gallery. You may also need to connect with new people to find out about new exhibitions and galleries. Another thing that you need to do is to take care of the technical aspects of the gallery.

Average annual salary: £29,563

What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

5. Interior designer

As an interior designer, you will have to look at the internal space of an area and need to make it look more beautiful. It is your duty to buy the things that will make the look of the site more appealing. You will also need to take care of the safety of the room as well as the decoration of the room. Usually, you will get the idea of what the customer wants and you need to convert it into reality.

Average annual salary: £38,279

6. Video Editor

As a video editor, you will be responsible for taking up the short videos and converting them into one single film. You may need to follow a particular outline or script. Training or adding up the footage may be another responsibility that you may need to take care of. You need to check everything in the video like the music, graphics, effects, etc. If you have this skill, you can find a lot of jobs in various fields. This career is not just related to editing videos but also to learn new editing techniques.

Average annual salary: £18,000-45,000

What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

7. Senior fashion designer

If you wanted to get into the fashion industry, you can think of becoming a fashion designer. If you already have the relevant skills and experience you must apply for the senior fashion designer post. Your job role will definitely remain the same as creating new trends or designs in the fashion industry. This career choice needs a lot of creativity and critical thinking. You will need to take care of everything from sketching to coordinating the colors of the design and colors. There are also many fashion degrees that you can take up.

Average annual salary: £34,717

8. Copywriter

If you have the skills to write engaging content related to advertisements, then you can choose to become a copywriter. As a copyrighter, it is your duty to right content that catches the attention of the users. You can become a brand writer, marketing copywriter, etc. Furthermore, you may also need to write engaging content for social media posts.

Average annual salary: £37,000

What are the highest-paying creative jobs?

9. Technical designer

You will be helping the fashion designer in converting their vision into finished goods. This career involves dealing with issues related to the designing manufacture. You must know all the stages of the development cycle. It is one of the competitive industries as you need to show a creative level. To become a technical designer you need to have good problem-solving skills, teamwork, etc. You will be working closely with the producer, consumer, etc.

Average annual salary: £38,865


Being creative is one of the best things that you can have. You will have a lot of career choices in which you can go. Some of the most creative job fields that you can get into are graphic designing, copywriting, interior designing, etc. All these fields need you to have a high level of creativity and problem-solving skills.

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