What Can Professors See on Canvas in 2024? (Updated)

The evolution of online education has contributed significantly to making the lives of both students and professors easier. Undoubtedly, for students, it is now easier to attend classes from home. But what about professors? Are they more relaxed now? Initially, it was difficult to manage things. But thanks to Learning Management Systems (LMS), it’s become simpler. As a teacher, I am frequently asked about a very popular software – Canvas. Most of my students are curious to know what can professors see on Canvas.

Just like my students, you may also not know much about Canvas. But not anymore. Here I will help you to get everything related to Canvas.

Quick Takeaways

  • Canvas is a platform based on a learning management system that has made the lives of professors easier.
  • Canvas does not detect cheating alone and thus the professors need to install the lockdown browser or the plagiarism detector to prevent you from cheating. 
  • Following are some things that the professor can see in the canvas-
1. Assignment submission 
2. When you have logged in
3. Number of times you have logged in
4. When you started the quiz

However, you must still read till the end to get a better understanding of the things that the professor can see on the Canvas.

What can professors see on canvas?

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system that acts as a connection between professors and students. This platform allows your professors to upload important information, notices, grades, projects, etc. The main motive of the platform is to make teaching easy. Educational institutions from different countries of the world have started using this platform. According to the platform, there are more than 50 million users and 90% of the users have given them the best customer rating services. It also provides online teaching and learning programs as a course management tool.

You can look for different courses in which you are interested in studying. When it is used by educational institutions the dashboard for Canvas is provided to both the faculty and the students making it easy to access. 

What can professors see on Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system that professors mostly use during online learning. Many students believe that Canvas is used for detecting cheating which is not right as it does not have an inbuilt lockdown browser. So, what they can see? Further, we have explained some of the points that your professor can see on Canvas-

  • Canvas is not a lockdown browser thus it cannot record your voice and audio
  • Your professors can generally discuss the files and the projects you must complete. 
  • Your professors can detect when you are logging in to Moodle and when you are not.
  • Canvas does not monitor whether students are sharing their screens or not.
  • One thing professors can see is your login activity on Canvas and the type of file you’re accessing.
  • Your professors get notified if you try changing the tab while taking the quiz.
  • Professors usually get more access to your assignments and projects than you do. The cab knows how many times you have visited a particular project. 
What can professors see on canvas?
  • All information about the students who have participated in taking the quiz or the exam is viewed by the professor. It also includes how much time you have taken on a particular question or how many times you have visited a question. This function has also reduced the chances of cheating, as your professor can determine if a person has cheated by noticing the time taken for a particular question.
  • If your professor uses a lockdown browser or plagiarism detection software, it will be more difficult for you to cheat.
  • As Canvas allows your professor to see the time when you have logged in, they will be able to know when you submitted the assignment. It will help them determine if it was submitted before the deadline.
  • You’ll get caught if you use another monitor connected to the same PC you used for the online learning session. 

What does your professor see during the quizzes?

Quizzes are important for checking student progress. Thus, Canvas helps the professors by giving them more access. When you are on a quiz your professor can see it every time you log in. It will also help professors to see how much time you took to complete the quiz. As discussed above your professor will also be able to know if you are using another monitor.

As Canvas can go along with the plagiarism tools, proctor tools, etc. your chances of cheating have been reduced. Further, when your professor can see the time for each question, they can easily detect cheating.

Does Canvas can track your tabs?

As discussed above if you leave your page and go on the other tab, Canvas alone can not detect it. Professors will often ask you to install the proctor software which will help them to track your tabs. However, remember, if you are on a quiz and suddenly close the tab your teachers will get notified. 

Can professors see all the submissions on Canvas?

What can professors see on canvas?

Canvas is a platform that was actually created to make the lives of teachers easy. Thus, professors can see everything that you upload on the canvas. It means that your professors can see all the submissions on Canvas. It also allows to check for the submissions of multiple students at a single time on their dashboard.

What are things professors can do on Canvas?

As we already discussed, the life of the professors becomes easier with the help of the Canvas managing tools. Following are the things that the professors can do on Canvas-

  • Give you the homework or assign the projects to you.
  • Your teachers can upload the attendance of each of the students directly on the dashboard.
  • Upload the grades you are getting for your exams or assignments.
  • Add on the recorded lessons, study material, important notes, etc.

How does the canvas detect cheating?

Another way Canvas detects cheating is when your professors use it with plagiarism detectors. When you submit an assignment or an exam, the professor can check if it has copied content. As most of the professors will not tell you if they are using it or not, you must try some of the ways by which you can reduce similarly.


Canvas is a learning management system software that will help to make the lives of professors and students easier. If your institution also uses Canvas you must be wondering what can professors see on Canvas. On Canvas your professor can see all the submissions you make including your queries, assignments, projects, etc. In addition to that the professors can submit your attendance or assign you new tasks and assignments. However, Canvas alone is not able to cheat in the exam. Your professors will ask you to install the procured software and may also use plagiarism detectors to check if you have used the copied content.


Can professors see Canvas activity during quizzes?

When you take the quiz on Canvas, your professors can see how many times you have visited the quiz page. Thus your professor can see your canvas activity during the quizzes. In fact, it also keeps the quiz log including the time taken for each question and the number of times you have visited each of it.

Does Canvas track time per question?

Undoubtedly, yes canvas track time you are taking for each of the questions. It will also notify your professor helping them to see whether a student has cheated on the quiz or not.

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