What does awaiting fulfillment mean on the College board?

Getting into a college where you won’t need a lot of effort. You not only need to maintain a high GPA but also need to give other competitive exams like SAT exams. When you submit the college application, you may see an update showing awaiting fulfilment. This might confuse you and at the same time may make you feel that something has gone wrong. Though there is nothing to worry about.

Quick Takeaways

  • Awaiting fulfilment occurs when your SAT scores get prepared and are out. 
  • The word “fulfilled” shows that the application has been received by the school. 
  • Any score above 1200 is considered a good SAT score.

Further, you must read till the end as we have explained more about SAT exam.

What does awaiting fulfillment mean on the College board?

What do mean by SAT Exam?

It is a common test that you can use to get admission to the university of your choice. The test is managed and run by the college board, an organization in the U.S. This test helps to understand whether you are in a position to join the college or not.

Until 2016, the SAT was not associated with the courses studied in high school. This test is divided into 3 sections- Reading, Writing and Language test, and Mathematics. There is a section of mathematics in which the use of calculators is also permitted.

What does awaiting fulfilment mean on the College board?

You may need to wait for 5-7 working days for the results to reach you after they are released. The amount of time it would take to go to your university could vary. However, when you are studying in the classroom, there may be cameras over there. Thus, before applying to the college you must see the college classrooms.

What is a good SAT score?

Any score above 1200 is considered a good score, as this is the average SAT score on most SAT tests. However, this does not mean that you can get admission with an 1150 or 1200 score in any college/school. Every college/school has its own SAT requirements. When you are giving your SAT, you should first decide which college you want to go to. See the requirements of SAT scores in that particular college, and then set the aim of your SAT score.

However, you must note that it is not only SAT that will affect your admission to the particular college. Therefore, try to focus on each element of the selection process, so that it becomes easy for you to get selected for college. Your GPA will be the other most important factor to get into your desired college. 

How long does it take to send the SAT scores to your college? 

Your SAT score is generally available 13 days after completing it online. However, it may take around 1 or 2 weeks to receive the scores at the college. This is because each college decides how frequently and in what format they want to receive score reports from the College Board. The majority of universities receive scores online via software that stores your score with the rest of your application information before the deadline for applying to the college.

What does awaiting fulfillment mean on the College board?

What should you do once you have submitted the college application?

Many students think that sending applications to colleges is their last job. This is not true. You must use the college advisor platform that will help you to know the whole process. However, once you have applied, it becomes your duty to perform some after-steps –

Keep on checking the update

Sometimes what happens is that the college may have given you a date for getting the update on your application. But they may give an update before the date. Thus, it is essential to regularly check your updates. 

Check your Social media

This may be weird but it is one of the reasons you may not get selected. Your social media is the way to know your personal life. Therefore you must check whether you have added any inappropriate thing to it or not.

Do your research

You do not only need to research before you apply to the college but also once you submit your application to the college. This is important as there are chances that the college where you may have applied get into any controversial case.

In such a situation, you might not want to enter that college. Therefore, when you have applied to the colleges, you should still research so that you do not end up accepting their offer.

What does awaiting fulfillment mean on the College board?

Be patient

The colleges take a long time to evaluate the student’s application. It might also take several months to listen up on your application. Therefore, you should not panic. Be calm and patient. There is nothing you can do if they are taking the time to evaluate your application.


You might get an update indicating awaiting fulfillment after submitting the college application. This could both make you worry and give you the feeling that things are not going wrong. Nevertheless, there is no cause for concern. When your SAT results are prepared and released, you see the update as awaiting fulfillment. The word “fulfilled” denotes that the school has received your application.

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