What Happens if a Professor Dies (Answered)

Every student has a very strong relationship with their favourite professor. Not only they are attached to them for academics but also sometimes they get connected with them emotionally and mentally. But life is not easy and one day or another we have to get apart from the people we love and sometimes even due to a death. Thus it is important to know what will happen if a professor dies.

Quick Takeaways

  • If a professor dies, your institution will bring on a new professor or an alternative professor who will hold their position.
  • Getting a new professor may make it tough for you to cope with the teaching method of the new professor but you have to work hard for it.
  • The grades that you will be getting are based on the assignments and tests that are stored in hard drives and soft drives by your institution.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to what will happen if a professor dies.

What Happens if a Professor Dies (Answered)

What happens if a professor dies?

A professor is a big position and thus has a lot of duties to perform. They have a lot of work to do like teaching students, taking exams, etc. Sudden death can stop all the work and therefore it becomes important to have a replacement for them. Although it is very hard to recover from a loss especially the death of your favourite professor, the truth is the institution will bring a new replacement. When a new professor is appointed it may be hard for you to cope with their teaching style. It is because every individual is different and has their own way of teaching. 

What happens if a professor dies in mid-term?

If a professor dies in a mid-term your institution will ask your assistant professor to teach you the related subject. In addition to that, as discussed above the institution will be bringing up a new replacement. You may see a professor who has the same interest in the subject that the professor was teaching you. 

What will be the impact on Grades, Mourning, and Substitutes after your professor dies?

What Happens if a Professor Dies (Answered)

The following shows the impact of the professor being death on grades, Mourning, and Substitutes-

1. Grades

The sudden death of your professor is definitely something that you are tense about. One of the biggest issues that you may feel is what will happen with your grades. Your institution will generally keep your assignments, exams, test scores, etc. with themselves in both hard copy and softcopy. The reason to keep them is to look for them at any point in time. There are also some institutions that have online platforms or online gradebooks where you can look for your grades and other important notifications uploaded by your professors.

Thus when your professor dies, it will not affect your grades and you will not get any wrong grades due to it. If you still feel that you are awarded the wrong grades or get a lower grade than you expected, then you can send an email or make an appointment to get the wrong grades.

2. Mourning

What Happens if a Professor Dies (Answered)

Dealing with the death of someone closer to you is hard and when it comes to a beloved professor it can be harder. Having a professor whom you can trust is difficult to find and thus when you lose them you feel demotivated. Mourning the death of them is not easy and is a slow process. There is no doubt that you may have more attachment to your professor than others and losing them can make you feel depressed.

It is because it is very difficult to create a bond with a new professor. Most people do not know how to manage their emotions. You must try to get out of the mourning of the death of the professor and try to focus on your academics which will make them more proud. 

3. Substitute

When your professor dies, the institution will look for the right substitute for the subject. The substitute that will be appointed will either have a similar interest or may be a teacher assistant in the same subject. If the assistant teacher is not available to become the substitute, the institution may look for a visiting or adjunct professor to complete the subject. Also, some universities have started using a buddy system where professors select a colleague who will take their class instead of them when they are ill or are unable to take up the class.

What Happens if a Professor Dies (Answered)

Is the course cancelled if the professor dies?

There are very less chances (almost no chance) that the course will get cancelled. It is because most of the institutions keep substitutes for each of the subjects to get saved from such situations. However, they may only cancel it if there is no substitute for the subject whose professor has died.

Will you get automatic if your professor dies?

Many students believe that they will get the grades on their own. However, the trust is different and the grade you get will depend upon the performance you did in past. As all the assignments and the tests taken so far are saved with the institution, your grades will depend on it.

Will your class continue if the professor dies?

If the professor dies, the institution appoints a new professor or the substitute of the subject. It means that the class get continued by the new professor from the topics that were completed by your professor. Although the teaching style may be different your class will still be continued when your professor dies.

What Happens if a Professor Dies (Answered)


The sudden death of a professor is very disturbing especially if you were really close to them. But the sudden truth is that it does not affect the course that you are studying. Your class will still be continued after the death of the professor. The institution will appoint a new or an alternative professor for that subject. Further, if your professor dies, it will also not affect your grades as most of the institutions keep hard and soft copies of the assignments, tests, and exams they take.


Will your new professor be equally qualified as the old professor?

Not every time your professor is equally qualified as the old professor. The reason is that death is something that suddenly happens and no one is prepared for it. Thus your institution will look for an alternative that could work with the sylabus left. In such a scenario, there are chances that your new professor is not equally qualified as the old one.

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