What happens if you do not go to School in the UK?

.0For every student getting their school education is the basic requirement for every student. Especially for students who are from 5 to 16 years old, going to school is very compulsory, and needs to get a full-time education until they are 18 years old. But have you ever wondered what can happen if your child does not want to go to school?

Quick Takeaways

  • The first thing that the school will have to do is to get in contact with you regarding your child.
  •  If the attendance of your child goes below 90%, then the school administration will be in contact with the council and you regarding it. You may have to pay a fine as well. 

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to the consequences if you not go to the school.

What happens if you do not go to School in the UK?

What happens if you do not go to School in the UK?

If a student doesn’t go to school even after teachers inform them that they are not present then the first thing the school will do is contact the student’s parents. There are different rules kept in different schools for confirming whether the student is going to school from home or not. In most schools, a registration is maintained for taking the attendance of this student at the start of a period, and then that registration is sent to the administration of the school which will contact the Guardians Of The Student whose child is missing.

The teacher will make sure that the student has an acceptable reason for being absent from the class. If the reason behind the student not coming to school regularly is bullying, social pressure, or a problem with the teacher you must inform the administration. This is because if the attendance of your student goes below 90% then the school will contact the council and you and there may be strict actions against you. If you needed you may also call the police if your child refuses to go to school.

What happens if you do not go to School in the UK?

Does School truancy affect the student’s parents? 

The parents do have the responsibility of their children and make sure that their child does attend school regularly and they should know the reason for being absent from school. As if the student has not been present in school or commits truancy then the parents do also have to face the consequences for not being able to follow the attendance and absence guidelines for their children.

So the student takes care not to miss the education. The school does have the power to fine you legally if the student is missing from school without having a good reason. It is possible at the local Council and the school will send you the parent or the legal guidance a parenting order which is given by education supervision order for the school attendance. They can also pay the parent penalty for not sending their children to school regularly.

What is considered bad attendance? 

It is quite possible that a student can be absent for a few days from school but should have reasons behind it such as not being well, meeting with an accident, family problems, etc. The minimum attendance rate to be considered is 90% and when the student attendance rate drops below it then the school begins to take serious action against it. 90% means that the student can take 19 days off from school which is considered almost 4 weeks.

What happens if you do not go to School in the UK?

But being absent will cause the student to have a gap in their knowledge as they will miss the entire topics which are taught in those days. Spending a day in a school does help the student to develop many problem-solving skills and help to develop communication skills through conversation with the classmate. So being absent from school will cause the student to have a bad effect on their studies and learning of different skills also. Therefore you must try to get full attendance without getting late for the class.

Why is school attendance important? 

Attending school regularly is important for the student as every day in school the student learns different skills or even better than the previous day. It helps the student to provide social and life skills. The students learn about teamwork and leadership qualities full stop in school they get to be aware of the culture of different students. This is only possible if the student goes to school regularly and gets to explore the learning environment of the school.

If the student is attending the school continuously they will be able to learn and understand all the content which is being taught in the school regularly. So we can see that if the student is attending the school regularly will have good grades on the exam and will be able to perform well from the other students who are not regular in the school. And if the student has a higher grade then they will have more chances of attending the 6th form college and the University of their own choice and also they will increase the possibility of getting a job opportunity.


If the student is absent from school without giving an understandable reason then the school will contact the local Council and they will further contact the student’s parents. If the student’s attendance is below 90% then the parent or The Guardian of the student will be conducted by the education welfare services. They will send the parent or legal Guardian with a school attendance order, a parenting order or even they will ask to pay the fine.

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