What happens if you get caught Plagiarising at University?

For every student getting into the stage of entering university is a very exciting time. But here the difficulty level in the studies is being increased from below classes as the student here has to submit essays and dissertations. But while completing the dissertation you will have to take care of various rules like taking care of the word limit or taking care of plagiarism. But have you ever wondered what can happen if you have plagiarism in it?

Quick Takeaways

  • If you are caught plagiarism in the dissertation or assignments you may have to rewrite it again. 
  • If we consider the worst decision, you may be suspended by the university.

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand what will happen if you get caught plagiarizing the content.

What happens if you get caught Plagiarising at University?

What is plagiarism?

When you copy the content of others and show it under your name, then it is considered plagiarism. When you need to add the same exact words in your content, you will need to add the source from where you have taken it. You may need to write different dissertations, essays, etc. There are many plagiarism checkers like Plagscan or Safeassign, that are used to identify if the content is plagiarised or not.

What happens if you get caught Plagiarising at University?

If you are caught plagiarizing in an assignment at the university it will have many consequences for the student. The effects on the student of plagiarizing the content depend upon how important the assignment was and how much the student has copied the information from others.

What happens if you get caught Plagiarising at University?

It is shown that if a student gets caught for Plagiarism they have to rewrite the assignment again and the worst the student will be suspended from the university for plagiarism. Being a student doing the assignment or writing the essay by copying the content of others will make the student be presented as a dishonest student by a professor or employer and they will also think that the student doesn’t have the ability to complete their assessment by themselves, not by copying. Therefore, you must try to use the plagiarism scanners like Safeassign which will help you to know if there is any plagiarised content or not. However, if you have done it and are guilty about it, try to contact the professor by taking an appointment with them.

How to avoid plagiarism? 

There are many students who find it very difficult to write the content for the assignment by taking the help of external sources without getting plagiarized. If the student wants to write the information from the textbook they need to change the word with the other word having the same meaning and reword the sentences that they are writing from the other source of information. Doing this will avoid showing flags during the submission. You must remember that you must send an email to the professor for late submission.

What happens if you get caught Plagiarising at University?

The student can also check by themselves if the assignment is showing any plagiarism by checking it through free online Plagiarism check by simply copying the work done and pasting it on the website as if accidentally the student has copied The Other source it will help them to check it. As they will compare the submitted work with billions of websites and documents which have already been submitted to check whether the work is plagiarized or not. The most commonly used online Plagiarism checkers are Grammarly, duplichecker, and PL text.

What can the student do if the work is plagiarized? 

It is student finds that the work is showing Plagiarism they should not get tense or panic it is good that it is being shown only before submitting it to the administration the following or something the student can do:

  1. Rewrite the assignment
  2. Use quotations and cite sources.

Rewrite the assignment

After checking online for plagiarism and it shows the majority of the work is being plagiarized the student should rewrite the work by changing the sentence structure and using different words which consist of the same meaning.

What happens if you get caught Plagiarising at University?

Use quotations and cite sources

If while checking plagiarism on the free checker the student finds that only a few parts of the work are being copied then they can put the sentence into quotation marks that they have taken from others and setting the source will help the student to avoid Plagiarism during the submission. During the checking, the quotation part is not counted as it defines that the student is giving the credit to the author of the publisher.


When a student is caught plugging in the university there are many consequences to be faced by the student which also depend upon the student assignment portion that is being copied and how important the assignment was. the teacher or the professor may ask the student to read the whole assignment again or they can also suspend this student from the university.

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