What Is A-Level General Studies? (In-Depth Guide 2024)

When you have to go for A-Levels, what is the first thing you do? Try to communicate with seniors or someone having a deep knowledge of it, right? Many of my students do that and get a suggestion to take A-level General Studies. You may also have received such suggestions. But if you have noticed, there is no such subject available. Doesn’t it bring curiosity in your mind? I am sure the answer is yes.

Thus, here I will share everything regarding A-level General Studies. Read till the end, and I am sure all your doubts will be removed.

Quick Takeaways

  • A-level General Studies was the subject that helps to broaden your knowledge in various subjects.
  • You would have a choice to select the different subjects offered in it.
  • However, with the 99.9% decline of students taking it as their A-levels from 2010 to 2019, this subject is now not offered for your A-levels.
  • It was never legal to take it as a mandatory subject.
What Is A-Level General Studies?

What is A-level General Studies?

A-level General Studies is subject in which you would have to study three different aspects which are based on social culture and scientific knowledge. This subject is no longer offered to students which we will be studying in the next sections. A-level General science was designed to test and broaden your knowledge in three different sections. It was created to help you prepare for outside the school. You will have studied a lot of content including culture, ethics, politics, science, mathematics, etc. In this subject, you would have to study three different sections-

  • The social domain – In this section, you would have to study politics, law, economics, and social sciences. 
  • Culture, Arts, and Humanities – This section helps you to develop knowledge based on beliefs, morals, and religions. It also helps to increase your creativity level and helps to learn the importance of the culture.
  • Science, Mathematics, and Technology – This section would help to test your knowledge related to the application of science and maths in relation to the real world. 

When was A-level General science finished?

A-level general science was finished in 2020. The education department had given the suggestion to stop offering this subject in 2017 along with some other subjects. However, in 2019 only 40 students sat for this exam. It was seen that there was a decline of 99.9% in students sitting for this exam in 2010. Therefore in 2020 it was no longer offered to the students.

Was general studies a good A-level?

To be honest, most universities do not consider a nice A-level (part of further education) and generally consider it as the fourth or fifth A-level. Despite the fact that they were created to help students outside the school, almost all the universities opposed them. In fact, many universities do not consider it equal to any UCAS points. 

Not only this according to different surveys many students consider this as one of the easiest A-level that they take. Many students believe it is an easy way to get an extra additional A-level. According to the surveys some students have claimed that they have never revised the syllabus and still managed to pass the exam. Many suggested that taking this subject have created hurdle in their path than getting help as the universities do not consider it during the admission process. Many believe that instead of taking this subject it is actually better to take more tough subjects like A-level biology. If you think you are losing them you can try various tips for them.

Which course replaces the General Studies A-levels?

As A-level general studies are no longer available, you can take up the A-level equivalent applied general qualifications. Applied general qualifications are the advanced level qualifications that help you to develop and learn new skills needed for your future career.

These qualifications may include-

  • BTECs
  • AQA Level 3 extended certificates
  • OCR Cambridge Technicals
  • WJEC Level 3 certificates and diploma
  • TLM Level 3 certificate
  • CISI Level 3 Diplomas
  • IFS Level 3 certificates

You can take these qualifications in various subjects. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Horticulture
  • Science
  • Media and Publishing
  • Travel and tourism

Were A-level general studies mandatory?

It was never legal to take it as a mandatory subject. From starting only two subjects i.e Maths and English were mandatory by The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. However, if you have heard at any point in time that it is a mandatory subject then it must be due to the school you may be studying. Just like general studies, there are other least popular A-levels that are available.


A-level general studies were the subject that was available to you till 2019 and in 2020 it stopped being offered. This was the subject that helped you to broaden your knowledge in multiple fields. This means that you will not be studying the content related to a particular subject. Despite giving you an understanding of multiple subjects, this is one of the easiest courses that was offered. In fact, most of the universities do not consider even equal to UCAS points.


What do you mean by general studies?

The general study is a subject in which you do not focus on a particular subject. You will have to study the topics related to various disciplines in depth. This subject is for you if you are willing to learn topics related to diverse subjects. You will be learning various topics like philosophy, politics, religion, law, science, mathematics, etc. Taking this as your major you will able to broaden your knowledge related to various subjects.

Are there general studies A-Level?

There were general studies A-level till 2019. In 2020 there was no option for taking up general studies as your A-levels. In 2017 education council decided to close the subject. However, in 2019 there was a decline of 99.9% of the students who took general studies A-Level in 2010. After that, this subject was not offered in 2020.

What subjects were there in general studies A-level?

There were three different sections that you have to study in your A-level general studies. These sections were The social domain; Culture, Arts, and Humanities; and Science, Mathematics, and Technology. In this subject, you will be studying culture, ethics, politics, science, mathematics, law, etc. 

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