What is GCSE and how to find out GCSE results from years ago?

What is GCSE and how to find out GCSE results from years ago? If you are a student in England, you must have heard about the GCSE. GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. This is a grading system for the students in high school which is done based on numbers rather than grading them from A to E. It is very important to keep the certification of this exam in a safe place.

Quick Takeaways

  • GCSE is a qualification that you take between the ages of 14-16. 
  • They are the first education qualifications that you take in your academics. 
  • To get the result from years ago you need to be in contact with the school to know what they have done with your results. 
  • After it, you need to know the boards of the exams and thus you will have to be in contact with them to know your results. 

However, you must read till the end to know more about the GCSEs and how to get the results from years ago.

What is GCSE and how to find out GCSE results from years ago?

What is GCSE?

A General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is one of the certifications that is taken in a particular subject and the 3 countries like England, Wales, and North Ireland. It is one of the parts of the general curriculum that is taught to students who are between the ages of 14-16 and usually ends in mid-late June. It has been taken in place of the Old O level and Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE). It was first taught in 1986 with its first exam born in 1988. Before the final GCSE, you will be taking the GCSE mock test. After completing these in the year 11 you will have to take A-levels.

How to find out GCSE results from years ago?

There may be two situations why you need GCSE results from previous years i.e. you have not taken them from the school and second, you have taken them but have misplaced it. To get your certifications, you will need to contact the school where you take the examination. You will need to contact the school authorities if you have never taken it. However, if you have misplaced it, then you must know which board you take the exam on. This will help you to take the replacement of the certifications from it. Also, you will see the option of mark equivalent that help you to compare the grade between the current and the old grading system.

Which subjects are compulsory in GCSE?

Though there are no specific subjects that are compulsory in GCSE, you must have three important subjects including Math, Science, and English. Other subjects that you take in it are optional and thus should choose wisely. You can also take these subjects privately and may also find them hard in the subject.

What is GCSE and how to find out GCSE results from years ago?

Why do you need to have a good GCSE score?

GCSE is an essential educational certification that will help you a lot in the future. You must keep it in a place where it is safe. It will be helpful for you when you go for future studies or apply for a job. Keeping the documents will help you to show the proof to the employees as well as educational institutions.

  • There are several students along with you who are applying to universities. Selecting students especially when the students have A grades becomes a difficult task for the universities. At such times they will see your GCSE score. It will add up an extra advantage to your application. There you must prepare for it and keep the documents safe. 
  • As far as the employees are concerned, having a good GCSE score will help you to get an extra advantage on other applications. Most of the employees look at your GCSE English and math scores. If you fail to pass the exam, it will always reflect in your qualification. Thus you must try to clear it with a high score.

At present most employees look for your GCSE score to hire you, it is vital to clear the exam, as failing the GCSE exam or missing the exam will reflect in your documents which may reduce your chances of getting selected.

What is GCSE and how to find out GCSE results from years ago?

How to find out the GCSE score?

Depending upon the school – private or public, you will have to take the result from the school. Your GCSE score is mainly within your GCSE certificate given to you by your schools. It is given by your school soon after your GCSE score is out. Though as mentioned above you may not have the GCSE certifications. Well, the school holds your GCSE certification for the year. If you do not take it within a year, they either send it back to the board to which you give the exam or they will destroy it. You will need to follow up the following procedure even if you have misplaced it to get your GCSE score. 

First, you will need to know which board you gave the exam for each GCSE. This is done by contacting the school from which you passed the exam. Once you are aware of the boards from which you take all your GCSE, you will need to contact each board.

Though you may not get the exact replacement of your document you definitely can purchase the alternative proof of the exam grades. It will be sufficient for showing proof of your GCSE score. Remember that it may take time to process these documents. Thus you must apply for your documents as early as possible so that you have time to submit it. One of the most important GCSEs is GCSE maths. If you were not able to clear it you can retake them and get the results.

How many GCSE students must take?

The number of GCSE exams students can take depends upon their school. The number of GCSEs generally taken is between 7-12. In addition to the important subjects of math, science, and English, you can choose whatever you want. Though the only thing that you must remember is that this score will help you to get a job and admission to your higher studies. Thus you must select the subjects that are related to any specific career choice or subjects that interest you the most. Also if you are unable to pass the exam, you can try retaking the exam as many times as you want to. Further, there are two different tiers in the GCSEs – Foundation and Higher tier. You can also switch them if you are unable to understand the concept of the content.

What is GCSE and how to find out GCSE results from years ago?

What is a good score in GCSE?

Generally, the students with an overall score of 4 are considered to pass. Though it is a standard pass criterion. But getting above a score of 4 will be considered a good score. The highest score that you get in this exam is 9. Above a score of 5 is considered as getting a score better than B. However if you are homeschooled, you must try to study hard to get a good score in GCSE.


GCSE is an exam that is taken by students who are in the age group 14-16. It is one of the exams which will help you to get into higher studies or if you are applying for a job. Thus it is important to keep it in a safe place so that you can use it whenever you want.

There may be chances that you do not have your previous GCSE score. In such a case, you can contact your school and get the information on the boards on which you take the GCSE exam. Once you get to know which boards you take up the exam, you will need to get in touch with them and ask for your documents from them. 

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