What is harder than Calculus? – Is Discrete Math hard?

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with solving differential calculus. Calculus is to be considered as the entry point if the student wants to get further study that includes physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and finance. calculus is used for tracking space shuttles and for noting the pressure developing in the dam that makes the water rise.

Quick Takeaways

  • Of course, calculus is a hard subject especially if you are a beginner in mathematics. 
  • However, if you are thinking of doing a degree in mathematics, you must have knowledge of it. 
  • Also, calculus is different from discrete maths. Thus many of the students find discrete maths more difficult than Calculus. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of if discrete maths is harder than calculus

What is harder than Calculus? - Is Discrete Math hard?

What is harder than Calculus?

Yes, calculus is considered to be hard as it is the advanced form of mathematics that acts as a bridge between two courses of math such as high school math and advanced math in college. If a student wants to pursue further math he/she must know calculus calculation. Choosing math for higher education in which calculus is the introduction part of mathematics. High school calculus is divided into two parts:

What is harder than Calculus? - Is Discrete Math hard?
  • Pre-calculus has topics like series, sequences, probability, limits, statistics, and derivatives. 
  • Calculus is divided into more parts in college degrees such as calculus I, calculus II, calculus III, and calculus IV.

The student who wants to pursue a degree in math for that calculus is considered to be an easier part of math as the student already has the concepts built up in higher education. Harder topic in math from calculus is:

  • real-analysis
  •  abstract-algebra
  • complex analysis
  •  Topology
  •  differential geometry.

Is discrete math hard?

No discrete math is not as hard as the student believes but for the student who is taking discrete math with calculus and linear algebra. Discrete math mainly focuses on the concepts of mathematics given by various mathematicians. But for students who have not taken a discrete math class in proofs, it will be hard for them to study discrete. Student who finds discrete math hard can study online and cover the topic in which they are having doubts. Many reasons show discrete math is not hard to study:

1. Discrete is practical:

Discrete is a practical subject and other classes are theoretical which is boring when compared to the practical class. For example, linear algebra is a theoretical class and when we come to a real-life situation we can use it. As discrete math can be used in computer science also.

What is harder than Calculus? - Is Discrete Math hard?

2. Creative Thinking: 

In calculus or algebra, the student needs to learn a lot of formulas and solve the questions. But in discrete math, you don’t need to memorize any formula; it enables the student to think mathematically and solve the questions. The student whose creativity in thinking math is high will be enabled to solve the question. Here we can say discrete math is not hard.

3. Discrete Math Gives You An Added Advantage

Some topics in discrete math are used further such as probability and counting in discrete math which questions are asked in the contest or interview.

4. Learning makes exciting :

There are some topics in discrete math that make the students learn with excitement such as probability, number theory, and counting. It makes the teacher and the student learn them by not getting bored. But in calculus or algebra, their student has to sit for an hour watching the teacher. There is no such excitement as compared to discrete math.

What is harder than Calculus? - Is Discrete Math hard?

Where can discrete math be required?

If you are interested in studying computer science but not hardware study where discrete math is used. The commonly used discrete math in the following topic or subject in computer science-

  • Compiler design
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Operating systems
  • Automata theory
  • Functional programming
  • Algorithms
  • Computer architecture
  • Machine learning
  • Networks
  • Distributed systems

Topic going to cover under discrete math:

The following are some main topics that you are going to learn under discrete math:

  • Probability
  • Boolean algebra
  • Matrices
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Induction and Recursion
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Relations
  • Trees
  • Modeling Computation

What is harder, discrete, or calculus?

When compared discrete math to calculus they are different when we talk calculus is based on algebraical calculation, is more theoretical based, and needs to learn formulas but discrete math focuses on questions like puzzle-solving and is more practical based, need not needs to learn a lot of formulas. If a student has taken both math i.e discrete math the student needs to have basic knowledge and understanding for solving problems and for calculus the student needs to learn the formula and have to memorize them with lots of practice.    

Is calculus needed to be learned for discrete?

Calculus which is used to teach the student during high school education is enough to learn discrete math. No need to learn calculus at the college level.


We can conclude that discrete math includes the concept that deals with distinct values. but calculus math includes the form of continuous mathematics in which the student has to thoroughly learn the formula otherwise the student will not be able to solve the questions.

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