What is Rushing in College and Greek Life?

In the freshman years, the students get amazed by all the opportunities they are getting for socializing. There are a lot of groups, clubs, and college teams that students may want to join. These groups organize different events in which each student has to take part and thus you may have to take part in rushing.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you join any college you will have to get into social groups like sororities and fraternities.
  • In your freshman year, you will meet the members of these groups which is also known as rushing.

However, you must read it till the end so that you do not miss any of the crucial facts on it.

What is Rushing in College and Greek Life?

What is Greek life? 

Initially, Sororities and Fraternities were undergraduate organizations whose main motive was to provide academic and social support. Traditionally students started creating their own groups to discuss over latest events. The students in these groups start getting close to each other. With time the organizations started planning parties, sports and dance events, etc. Phi Beta Kappa Society was the first recognized Greek organization. Sororities and Fraternity organizations are part of Greek life. 

Many TV programs show that Greek life is all about partying but in reality, it is different. These groups have social aspects. Greek organizations raise around $7 million each year for charity. Greek organizations help students to make new friends and at the same time, older students act like mentors. Not only this, the students who have joined these Greek organizations, have 20% more graduate rates than those who have not joined. Greek organizations give the opportunity to learn practical skills. However, make sure to apply to the college as soon as possible so that you are able to take part in it.

 What does rushing mean in college?

There are 2 types of groups in every college – Fraternities & Sororities. When the freshman students want to join these groups, they need to go through a ritual i.e Rushing. Rushing is a part of Greek Life. Freshman students meet the members of various Fraternities & Sororities and everyone socializes. Most of the time this rush occurs at the beginning of the fall or in the spring semester

What is Rushing in College and Greek Life?

Different  Fraternities & Sororities might have different ways to conduct the rush. You can make the students by asking various questions to your roommates. Commonly rushing takes a time of one week. If they think that any freshman student is capable in their group, they give an invitation to them for joining. 

 Sororities VS Fraternities

These are the groups that are created for the social as well as the professional interests of their members. They are mainly for colleges and universities. The word soror is a Latin word that means “Sister”. Therefore, a Sorority is a group of female college students that share their college experiences with each other. These students help the freshman students by mentoring them and giving them networking opportunities.

Whereas, the word “Frater” is a Latin word that means “Brother”. Therefore, a Fraternity is a group of male college students that share their college experience with each other. Before 1882, both groups were known as Fraternities. There may be cameras where the meetings are being held. It will help to bring your talent out.

Things To Keep In Mind While Rushing

Rushing could be challenging sometimes. Students must prepare themselves before going for rushing.

What is Rushing in College and Greek Life?

Make a good first impression

“First impression is the last impression.”

This is something that we are hearing since our childhood. During rush week, freshman students meet the members of the groups for the first time. This is the golden chance for the freshman students to be in the good books of the members. 

  • Always be respectful and polite to everyone. 
  • Try to remember the names of everyone you meet and also make eye contact while talking.
  • Ask as many questions as you can. This will make a good impression on the members of the gree groups.
  • You must also be prepared for giving answers to their questions.
  • Before going into the rush, at least do a small research about it.

The sorority rush may involve several rounds of meetings as compared to the fraternity rush. Just relax and be yourself. 

Keep your mind open

There are many students who end up joining a group that they do not like initially. Maybe because of peer pressure or due to others’ influence. 

What is Rushing in College and Greek Life?
  • Don’t let anyone’s influence affect your decision. 
  • Do proper research and join the one with which you connect the most.
  • Taking advice from friends and family is ok but choose the sorority or fraternity group which has a good reputation.
  • Go through the history of the organization – what they have achieved, how they work, etc.

Time Management

Time management is the ultimate key if you want to join any sorority or fraternity organization. Although joining these organizations is fun, sometimes it may affect your mental health. Missing any meeting or part could result in lowering the chances of getting a bid from the organization. Thus you must remember that you will need a lot of clothes including the dress code in the college as you will need to attend different parties.

  • Understand how much time you need to give to the sorority or fraternity groups.
  • Try to make a timetable so that you could have time for yourself as well.  
  • You have to be very organized if you want to get into it.

Analyzing the Pros And Cons of Joining These Groups

For many students joining a sorority or fraternity is a memorable movement in college. It gives them a lot of exposure to networking with others. On the other hand, it might become challenging for the students. Therefore, before joining them, the students should analyze the Pros and Cons of Joining these Rushes. 

What is Rushing in College and Greek Life?

Pros of Joining a Sorority or Fraternity

  • First and the most important advantage of joining a Sorority and Fraternity is getting networking opportunities.
  • Joining these organizations not only helps in networking but also helps get long life friendships.
  • These organizations host various fundraising events for various charities. This help students to develop a philanthropy nature.
  • There are various leadership opportunities for freshman students. Each year the organization opens up its board positions like President, Vice president, etc. This helps students develop leadership qualities.

Cons of Joining a Sorority or Fraternity

  • Joining these organizations is not free. The monthly fee of every group varies. Fees are mostly taken for organizing events, housing, meal plans, etc. Thus you can try doing some work to earn some extra money as a college student.
  • Time commitment becomes the biggest hurdle for most students. Joining Sororities and Fraternities means you need to be available for a lot of events, small meetups, meetings, etc. This is not possible all the time.


Freshman students get amazed by the opportunities they get for socializing. There are two main organizations that help students to get socialize – Sororities and Fraternities. With the help of rushing, students get to know about these organizations. Although rushing is very time-consuming, it helps students in many ways.

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