What is Virtual Learning and How does Virtual Learning Work?

The current pandemic has changed the pattern of traditional learning. From the traditional method of studying in the classroom, we are studying online. Now classes are shifting towards online live classes rather than the traditional way of learning. This online learning also involves virtual learning and thus we will help you to know what is virtual learning and how does Virtual Learning work.

Quick Takeaways

  • When you take up your classes online and meet your teachers in an online class, it is known as virtual learning. 
  • Virtual learning gives you the advantage of flexibility which means that you can learn from anywhere and at any time. 
  • Virtual learning works in three different aspects – Asynchronous Education, Synchronous Education, and Hybrid Learning

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to virtual learning and why it is important.

What is Virtual Learning and How does Virtual Learning Work?

What is Virtual learning?

There are different names for virtual learning which are digital learning or E-learning. In this type of learning, you get an environment that you will not get in your traditional class experience. You learn by sitting at your home or any other place. Virtual learning has given students the benefit of enjoying learning along with their daily responsibilities. It involves more virtual interactions between the students and the teachers.

You can take up courses and even online degrees for specific fields like data entry and learn them whenever you get free time for yourself. This has also benefited those who can not afford traditional tuition fees. Further, just like in the normal classroom, you may feel bored in the classroom and thus you may want to leave it. However, try to take small breaks instead of leaving the classroom.

How does virtual learning work?

As discussed above, virtual learning means that you are studying remotely sitting at your home or any other place. There are a lot of various aspects that come under virtual learning. Following are the different ways in which virtual or digital learning will work-

1. Asynchronous Education

Of course, the educational material is not recorded in real time. It is the content that is already recorded and then shared with the students. Platforms that allow you to take up courses like Udemy are one of the platforms that work on Asynchronous education. Though this is a part of online education. Platforms that provide this type of education are part of Edtech platforms like Udemy.

What is Virtual Learning and How does Virtual Learning Work?

2. Synchronous Education

This is the opposite of Asynchronous education. In this type of education, the tutors and the students get connected on the platform and students learn the concepts from the teachers. When you are taking your live classes with your teachers, it is the perfect example of Synchronous Education. Another example of it can be the online webinars that you may have attended during your college time. We can use tablets or smartphones in the classroom in order to deliver the lecture to the students who have missed the classroom.

3. Hybrid learning

This type of education is a mix of both virtual and traditional types of learning. Hybrid learning is also known as blended learning. In this type of learning some of the students may take up classes online and others may take them in person. 

Virtual Learning Advantages

The following are the benefits of virtual learning-

  • You will be more likely to save time. In the traditional type of learning, you waste your time traveling and getting ready. Though when you are taking online classes your time gets safe.
  • Virtual learning gives you the advantage of flexibility which means that you can learn from anywhere and at any time. You can learn various courses like data entry, acting, makeup, etc and also look for 6-month associate degrees.
  • Due to high tuition fees, many students do not go for their higher studies. But with the help of virtual learning, many students have taken and finished online degrees that too at very low prices.
  • This allows you to take up a part-time job if you need to earn some extra money to meet your expenses.
  • With the help of online education, you get to explore various skills required in different industries. You can learn those skills and can also apply for a job role different from your current job role.
  • To teach the students you can use the document camera to share your documents with the students.
What is Virtual Learning and How does Virtual Learning Work?

Disadvantages of virtual learning

The following are the drawbacks of virtual learning-

  • People who are unaware of the technology, can not take up virtual learning courses. 
  • You may feel like you are isolated in a house, as you will not be able to meet your fellow students or your professors in person. 
  • Not every professor is aware of the virtual learning process. Thus they need to take up the training of teaching online before starting with online classes.
  • Virtual learning involves technology and the internet as well. Every one of us is well aware of the fact that sometimes issues are operating them. Thus virtual learning involves a great risk of technical issues due to which it might be difficult for the students to get the concepts. 

Is virtual learning better than in-person learning or not?

As you have read the advantages as well as disadvantages of virtual learning, now is the time to decide which one is better. The answer to this depends upon the way you are comfortable studying. Many students are comfortable with self-learning. For such students, the time they spend reaching school may be a waste.
On the other hand, some students are not comfortable with self-learning. They need to learn in person. This means that they need the help of the teachers. Therefore, whether virtual learning is better or not will depend upon the way you can easily understand the concepts. If you are more like a self-learner, virtual learning might be the best choice for you.


Virtual learning is the process of learning online. In this type of learning, you get to learn sitting at home or from any place. Virtual learning involves a lot of online interactions between students and teachers. It helps you in various ways like saving time, fewer tuition fees, flexibility, etc. Though a person who is not aware of technology may not be able to learn virtually. 

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