What should you wear to a University Interview?

As the universities do have 100,000 applications and they have to choose from the application which student will be better for their organization while interviewing the student should try their best to impress the teacher by having confidence on their face. The student outfit will also have an impression on them. Therefore it is important for you to know what should you wear to a University Interview.

Quick Takeaways

  • You should wear a dress which is in a way comfortable for the student like smart trousers or a skirt, a simple blouse, and a sleek blazer. 
  • You must also try to take care of the colours that you will be wearing to the interview.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of what to wear to the university interview.

What should you wear to a University Interview?

What Should You Wear to a University Interview?

The student should not worry about their outfit during the interview as the impact of knowledge, grades in the A-Levels, GCSEs, and character is more during the interview. They just need to dress in a formal way like office casual. Remember that this is the same case for the professors.

The dress should be in a way comfortable for the student like smart trousers or a skirt, a simple blouse, and a sleek blazer. If the student feels confident about doing makeup on them then they should do it but it should be neutral and simple. You may also need to give mini multiple interviews at which you will need to wear the same clothes.

What Clothes Should You Wear To A University Interview?  

The student should dress up which looks between formal wear and office casual. the student should wear the dress in which they are comfortable and also the outfit should be judged. the outfit should be such as:

  • Smart trousers
  • Fitted blazers
  • High-neckline blouses
  • Long dresses or skirts.
What should you wear to a University Interview?

These clothes can easily be bought from the store and will not be so costly. With this, the student should wear simple, casual shoes. The student should avoid clothes which have deep necks and short shirts. Although the outfit for the interview is also based on the course the student wants to have. For example, if the student wants the art course then the student will wear clothes that will be related to the same art, and the student who wants the biology course does dress more formally just like the dress code and modest clothes. 

What Clothes Should You Avoid Wearing To A University Interview? 

During the interview, the teachers have to take 10000 interviews and out of them, there will be some students who will be memorable after an interview. The student should not just focus on being memorable but should need to be positive during the interview.

Mostly the student who dresses up with low-rise ripped jeans and cropped hoodies is memorable so this does not mean the student should dress in this way. If the student wants to use the clothes as a form of expression but using the clothes does not coincide during the university interview. The clothes will be more considered during the professional interview as the cloth will express the student and the university. So during the university interview, the student should become the reason for being memorable due to the achievements, ideas, and smart self-presentation then the outfit of the student.

What should you wear to a University Interview?

Do Students Have to Wear a Suit to a University Interview?

When the student wears a suit during the university interview it is not considered inappropriate dress. If the student feels more comfortable wearing the suit during the interview they can wear it. But it is not the dress that the student commonly wears in the interview. If the student finds themself more comfortable in a suit and wants to look smart during the interview they can wear the tailor-cut blazer which will also make the student look smart and will also be less costly than the suit. 

Should the student Wear Makeup and Jewelry to a University Interview? 

If the student feels confident while doing makeup they should do it in a way that looks neutral and formal in which they can apply the following things:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation 
  • Other base makeup
  • Mascara 
  • Natural eyeshadow colors.

Don’t do makeup that looks bright with bright eyeshadows and thick eyeliner during the university interview as it will not have a great impression on the interviewer.

In the case of wearing the pieces of jewelry, the student should not wear too much jewelry and it should be small in size, look neat, and should give a professional look.


The student should dress in a way that looks formal and decent. The color of the clothes should also be classic and professionally such as it may be Black, Navy, White, Brown, or Khaki. Choosing the color of the dress and what to decide also depends on om the course the student wants to pursue at the university there are many courses that want the student to have self-expression during the interview for example for an art degree the student should wear vibrant color which will make the interviewer happier than wearing a classic color.


Does it matter what to wear in a college interview?

Yes! it does matter as it is an important meeting and the student should make sure they look their best.

What a student should wear in a college interview?

The things to be avoided wear in college interviews are No flip flops or open-toed shoes, no spiked stiletto heels, no sneakers, and no white athletic socks with dark dress shoes.

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