What to do after accepting your University Offer?

A student always wants their application to be accepted by their desired University and when the student receives the offer from the university it is quite an exciting experience for the student. There are a lot of different things that you can do after.

Quick Takeaways

  • You must do the following things after accepting the university offer-
Apply for student finance. 
Apply for university accommodation. 
Attend an open day. 
Open a student bank account. 
Arrange university travel. 

However, you must read till the end so that you get to understand what to do after accepting your university offer.

What to do after accepting your University Offer?

What to do after accepting your University Offer?

There are many things that you may think after accepting the university offer. You may either want to change your decision or may want to know what can you do after accepting a university offer. When a student has accepted the offer from the university then the next step is to begin the preparation for the universe, the following are some preparation that is student needed to be done after accepting the University offers:

1. Apply for student finance

It is the most important step taken by the student after accepting the offer from the university. Applying for student finance is a very essential step and it is important for paying for the university course. This is because as the tuition fee is increasing, your parents may have to pay more for university. With the loan, the student will be able to pay the course tuition fee and the accommodation and the amount of the loan which is given as financial support depending upon many factors such as the parent’s income, if the student is studying from home or moving to the university only, etc. You may also apply for work placement.

What to do after accepting your University Offer?

The loan given to the student are of two types:

  • Tuition fee loan

A tuition fee loan is a loan that is provided to cover the cost of the course taken by this student in the university. The minimum amount of tuition fee provided to the student is about 9000 euros and the maximum loan provided is 9250 euros. 

  • Maintenance loan

A maintenance loan is a loan that is used to cover the living cost of the student. The minimum amount provided to the student for a maintenance loan is 3506 euros for the student who is living at home and the maximum amount of loan provided for the student who is living away from the home is around 12300 euros. The student can apply for student Finance in the month of March.

What to do after accepting your University Offer?

2. Apply for university accommodation

After accepting the University the student should then apply for student accommodation or look for different student housing options. The accommodation is managed on a First Come First served basis. So the student should make sure to apply for the accommodation as soon as possible as there is a deadline given for applying for it. And priority is given to the first-year student by some universities for accommodation.

3. Attend an open day

Wooden should attend the open days at the University so that they get similar to the environment of the university they are going to as in the open days they can have University tours and campus Tours. And it will help the student to become a family and comfortable with the surroundings of the university.

The student can search for the facilities available in the universities like the library, halls of Residence, Student Union, and lecture theater. Also on the open days, the student has the advantage of building friendships with the new students.

What to do after accepting your University Offer?

4. Open a bank account

After accepting the offer from the university, you should then open a bank account. Opening a bank account will be easy when you have the UCAS codes which, you can get by logging into the UCAS account. Opening a bank account is beneficial for you as it does allow the student to finance loans to be paid in the account separately.

Having a personal account will give you extra features such as interest-free overdrafts. Opening a bank account is possible once you get an A-level result and does have the confirmation for the University placement.

5. Arrange the university travel

When you are going to study at the university by traveling from home to University every week then you should have a good plan idea for traveling and the cost expenditure. If you are studying abroad then there are a lot of discounts available for you if you travel by train or plane.

What to do after accepting your University Offer?

For example, if a student’s traveling by train then they will be given a discount such as a 16 to 25 railcard. By which the student can purchase the rail card for 30 Euro for the year etc and if the student doesn’t need to travel by train they can travel easily by bus then the student should make a bus pass which will be beneficial for them as the student will be eligible for the student discount when they travel from the bus. 


After getting the acceptance by the university the student should not just set and wait for the classes to be get started instead of that they should prepare themselves by applying for student Finance, applying for University of accommodation, they should attend the open days of the university, opening a bank account and plan the traveling cost of the university.

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