What to do after Year 11?

After completing your year 11, you will get a lot of free time for yourself. This is the time when you can enjoy your life, watch Netflix, etc. But you must not waste your time only on these things and should work on yourself.

Quick Takeaways

  • You can do the following things after year 11-
Focusing on a particular skill
Preparing for future studies
Doing an apprenticeship
Taking up A-levels

However, you must read till the end to know about what can you do after year 11 in detail.

What to do after Year 11?

What to do after Year 11?

When your year 11 ends it is important for you to know what you will be doing after it. Following are the things that you can do after completing your year 11-

1. Go traveling

It is a great way of enjoying the time after your 11th. Make a list of the places where you wanted to travel. You can think of traveling abroad as you have a lot of free time. Traveling can be done either solo or in a group. This is the time when you can enjoy the fullness of it. You can ask your friends to come on a trip with you. This will help you to refresh your mind and will also help you to explore new places.

2. Focus on a particular sports

If you are interested in sports, you can focus on it and make a career out of it. This will help you to gain knowledge in particular sports. If you are already involved in any of the sports, you can start practicing more frequently than before. When you indulge in sports it can help you to play them on a national basis. With extreme hard work, dedication, and passion you may also be able to play the sport at the international level. 

3. Learning new skills

After your 11th year, you have a lot of time to work on yourself. Many students waste their time lying in bed, watching Netflix. But you should enjoy this time in addition to learning new skills. You can develop a lot of technical or practical skills that will help you to grow in the future.

What to do after Year 11?

If you do not know what exactly you need to do, start creating a habit of reading. When you have reading skills, it will help you to gain a lot of information. If you are creative, you can always focus on your interests. You can focus on dancing, music, art, gardening, etc. 

4. Gain the experience

When you are going to the university or for future studies you need to show your experience in the application. Thus you can utilize this time to gain experience. When you get the experience, you may also get a letter of recommendation. Additionally, having experience will help you to get a good job.

5. Volunteer work

Volunteering is a great thing to do. It will not help you to learn new skills but will help you to gain related experience and even will help you to get a letter of recommendation. If you know what exactly you want to do in your career, you can focus on the volunteer work related to it. Suppose you want to be a vet doctor, then you can work in organizations that work for animals as a zookeeper, work under a vet doctor, etc.

What to do after Year 11?

6. Preparing for future studies

You must not wait for the classes to start. If you are in the know with the seniors or the students who are already studying the subjects that you want to study in the future, be in contact with them. Ask them about the topics they are studying and start preparing for them. Do self-study, so that when you are going for higher studies then you’re not facing any issues.

7. Studying at the future educational institution

After your year 11th, you will have the time either to work on your future goals or focus on your future studies. If you know what you want to do in the future, you will easily focus on what you need to do. But sometimes, the students are not able to understand what they need to do in the future. If you are also not sure about it, try getting into higher education. It will help you to understand what you want and will help you in achieving it. 

8. Prepare for retaking the exam

Your GCSEs are a must for getting admission to your future educational institutions. They are the base for you to understand the concepts in your A-levels. Thus if you have not scored a high grade in it, you may want to retake them. In addition to it, GCSE English and math are the two subjects that are compulsory to pass. So if you have not gotten a passing grade, you will need to retake them. You can start preparing for retaking the exams after year 11. 

9. Take up A-levels

These are the most important parts of your career. The main qualifications that you will be taking after doing GCSEs are the A-levels. The biggest difference between both of them are that A-levels are taken after GCSEs. Based on how you have performed in your GCSEs, you will need to select the A-levels for you . You are graded from 9-1 (9 being the top grade) according to the current system.

What to do after Year 11?

10. Go for vocational qualifications

These are different from the traditional qualifications which allow you to study theoretical concepts. However, vocational qualifications are different from them. They are more practical. You will get more practical knowledge and will be able to learn related skills. If you have vocational qualifications in addition to your GCSEs or A-levels, then there will be a high chance for you to get selected.

11. Apprenticeship

It is the program, in which you will be getting training in addition to real job experience. It will help you to learn the skills needed in the related job field. You can find these apprenticeship programs on various websites. When you are doing an apprenticeship you will have to work with a full-time employer. You will be working in the job along with studying for the degree. The qualifications that you will get along with the apprenticeship are equal to 2 A-levels taken.

12. Start a part-time

Some students will waste their time after year 11. The best thing that you can do after year 11 is you can start a part-time job. When you are doing a part-time job, it will help you to save some amount of money for yourself. It will not only help you in earning money but will also help you to gain the experience you need. In addition to that, it will help you to get the letter of recommendation needed. 

13. Take your driving theoretical test

After your year 11, you would probably be 17 by it. This means that you can sit up for a driving theory test. To take up the practical driving test and to get the license, you need to pass the theoretical test. In this test, you will have to answer multiple questions and you need to answer about the hazards that happen on the road based on the video. 

What to do after Year 11?

14. Get an IB Diploma

IB diploma is a diploma that is recognized on the international level. It is the one in which you will be studying a course curriculum tougher than the A-levels. This means that they are tougher than the A-levels. In it, you will be studying 6 different subjects which 3 are studied at the standard level and 3 at a higher level. You will get the degree only if you have scored 24 points in it.

15. Relax yourself

The last and most important one is to relax. All of the above are important ideas to do after year 11. But obviously, your free time is for relaxing and not taking any stress. Thus you must relax your mind and enjoy your free time. You can watch movies, listen to songs, play video games, or do whatever you love to do in your free time.


After your year 11, you have a lot of free time with yourself. You can do a lot of various things after year 11. You can enjoy as well as utilize this time for improving yourself. In this article, you will get various ideas that you can do during your free time after year 11. 

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