What to do when professors do not respond to Emails?

If the student has sent an email to get the solution to any problem related to the course and the professor does not respond to the email. This may happen due to various reasons and the student gets to worry about it. When you urgently require a response Email, but the teacher does not reply immediately, then what to do in such cases?

Quick Takeaways

  • Following are the things that you need to do when your professor do not responds-
1. Clear the subject line
2. Mention who you are
3. Address the subject right away
4. Write a clear and readable email
5. Don’t write long emails
6. Address the professor
7. Maintain a professional tone

However, you must read till the end to know what things you should do when the professor is not responding to your emails.

What to do when professors do not respond to Emails?

What to do when professors do not respond to emails?

There are many reasons why you may have to send emails to professors like for late assignment acceptance or missing an exam. When the student has sent mail to the professor for clearing some doubts and also want immediate feedback on the mail but the professor don’t reply to the mail, it creates lots of question in the mind of the student.

Sometimes the professor is also busy due to the workload and may not be able to see the email for 2 or 3 days due to which they are not able to reply to the student emails. The following are some steps taken by the student when the professor does not respond to emails.

  • Clear the subject line.
  • Mention who you are.
  • Address the subject right away.
  • Write a clear and readable email.
  • Don’t write long emails.
  • Address the professor.
  • Maintain a professional tone.
What to do when professors do not respond to Emails?
  1. Clear the subject line:

If the student writes the email without writing the subject it is first to be ignored by the professor as the subject line of the email gives some idea to the professor of what the email is about before only without opening the email. and the email written without a subject will be in the folder of scam emails but the email with a subject line will be emailed to the folder of “inbox” the professor.

  1. Mention who you are:

You should start the email by mentioning your name, roll no, class, and the professor’s name. So that the professor can understand who has mailed it. Even if you have talked to the professor just a day before writing the email you need to write the full information that will make the professor recognize them easily. In a day the professor deals with 1000 students and is not able to remember to whom they have talked in a day. 

  1. Address the subject right away:

The student should try to write the email by concluding in a paragraph instead of writing a long email that includes paragraph after paragraph. When the professor opens this type of mail they could feel lazy to write the whole email as the professor is very busy in their life and has very little time to read the email.

What to do when professors do not respond to Emails?
  1. Write a clear and readable email: 

The student should write the email in such a way that it should be clear what the student wants to explain in the mail. And write an email that is readable to the professor. 

  1. Don’t write long emails:

Try to complete your email about any query in 4- 5 lines. As the professor does have a very busy schedule hence will not be able to read the long email as to a shortage of time. Remember to end the email properly.

  1. Address the professor:

The student needs to address the professor in the email properly. As the email is written according to the professor’s status and the student should address the professor accordingly. It is an important thing to do as there are professors that will usually talk behind your back.

  1. Maintain a professional tone:

The email written to the professor by the student should maintain a professional tone. If the student emails the professor by typing hi will create a wrong image of you. The professor will not open the email further and read the email.

If all these things do not work, you can think of getting connected with your professor through the LMS platforms like Canvas.

What to Do If a Professor Is Not Responding to Email?

 After the student has written the email to the professor and the professor has not responded to the email the student can email it again as there may be the possibility that the professor has not received any email. You can also use it to send another email as to whether the professor responds to this email or not. the student should have some patience by waiting for the professor to respond to the email. If you want to take help from the professor, you will have to ask for an appointment with them.

What to do when professors do not respond to Emails?

What prevents the professor from getting an email from the student?

Following are some points that are considered by which the professor is not able to read the email. 

  • When the student sends the email to the professor there is some chance that the email goes to the junk or spam folder.
  • The other reason why the professor is not able to read the email is that the professor has not received the email to block the student from doing so.
  • When the professor does not know who has a message as the student has not mentioned properly will make the professor not open the email further.
  • Despite using gradebooks your professor have a lot of work to do and thus may forget to reply you.


There are various reasons why the professor does not respond to the email written by the student as they need to have some patience in waiting for the professor’s emails. The student can write another email to the professor completing it in short paragraphs making the professor understand the email.


How long should you wait for the professor to respond to the mail?

The professor is very busy and they receive many emails in a day to which they have to reply. so the student should wait for a maximum of 48 hours to get a reply from the professor.

How politely ask the professor for a reply?

The student should write another mail mentioning the email by mentioning the date when you sent the email, what the mail was about, and mention your name.

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