What to do with your old Textbooks?

There are many students who face the problem of having a lot of textbooks after finishing school, sixth-form college, and university. You might also have a bundle of books with you and might not know what to do with them.

Quick Takeaways

  • To solve the problems related to the old textbooks the student can have 3 options such as:
1. Selling the good which is in good condition.
2. Donating the textbooks.
3. Recycling old textbooks.

There are different ways by which you can follow these steps. Further, we have discussed them in detail.

What to do with your old Textbooks?

What to do with your old Textbooks?

Following are the things that you can do with your old books-

1. Selling the textbooks

The student can sell the books which are in good condition and they can easily earn some money from them. Many people want to buy books which are available at less cost but they should be in very good condition such as less creasing on the books or not many margins made on the books. There may be people who might want to buy for their kids. Now suppose their kid is in 8th grade, they may get the books that you have at a low price.

The following are some different ways by which you can sell free textbooks to another person:

  • You can sell the books by giving online advertising on the books such as on social media.
  • By direct selling, the books to the students who are junior to you.
  • You can also organize the venue in which you can invite your friends, family, and neighbours who want to buy the books.
What to do with your old Textbooks?

2. Donate the textbooks

The books which are not in very good condition can be used to donate. You can easily donate them to a community and help them. The following are some different ways by which the textbooks can be donated-

  • Donate books online

The old textbooks can be used to send to an online charity like Better world books which is an online charity used to sells both used and fresh books the method of online. The location of better world books is within the United Kingdom. If the student is from a University and wants to donate the books they can donate them to book harvest.

  • Libraries and charity shops

You can give books that are light-torn textbooks but still in a good condition to the library by donating them. The books should be in readable condition. You can also give them to the local Charity shop where the shopkeeper sells them to people at less price rate to help the needy person.

3. Recycling old books

If textbooks are not in a state of being reused by selling or donating, then you can recycle them. The following are some different ways by which the books can be recycled:

  • When a book is sent for recycling it is turned into a new product. But many books do have many issues during recycling such as glue, string, or other materials. So before sending it for recycling you should rip the book so that it can be easily recycled. If you don’t have the time to rip it down then simply throw it into the household waste.
  • This is also the option to use old textbooks for making paper chains which consist of various shapes and lengths. The books can be used to wrap the small gift. The pages of the old textbooks can be used to make a name tag on the gift.


The student, first of all, should try to sell the books as their parents had spent a lot of money buying the books and by selling the books the student at least can get some money back but if the books are not in a good condition you can donate the books to the nearest charity for helping the student who needs the study materials. And last those books which are not even in a condition to be readable then those textbooks should be recycled.


What can a person do with books which are old and out of date? 

The books which are out of date can be used for making gift bags or envelopes and donating the book to local thrift shops, book headboards, etc. 

Do the old books have value? 

Old books do have a lot of value for the person who is eager to learn something. 

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