When Do A-Level Exams Start and Finish in 2024?

A-Level exams are an important factor for your selection to university and your employers also look at your A-levels. You must be properly prepared for your A-Levels. To get started with your preparations you need to know when your A-Levels Start and Finish. Thus here we will help you to know when you can expect your A-Level exams and how can you prepare for them.

Quick Takeaways

  • A-levels will generally start in the second week of May. 
  • The exam date for your exam will depend upon the subject you have to choose.
  • A-levels will generally last until the end of June.
  • The ending date for the exam will also depend upon the subjects you have chosen.

However, you must read till the end, so that you do not miss any of the important facts. 

When Do A-Level Exams Start and Finish in 2023?

When do A-levels Start?

A-Levels will begin about at the same time as GCSEs but in the next year of completing the GCSEs. The A-level term is typically a little longer than the GCSE period. Your exam schedule will be set up differently each year by the exam centre or exam board. Since each student will enrol in a distinct set of courses, it is impossible to pinpoint a certain date for the start of your A-Level exams. 

Your first A-Level exam’s exact date will depend largely on the subjects you are studying in the Sixth Form. It also depends on how your year’s exams are set up. Your exams will, however, often begin in the second week of May. Thus you must know the deadline for A-levels so that you can apply at the right time. However, you must make sure that you will have to study hard and revise properly before completing the A-levels.

When Do A-Level Exams Start and Finish in 2023?

When do A-levels finish?

Once again, depending on your exam schedule, A-Level Exams will end at various times. You have a great chance of having the end of your test later than other students if you are taking more exams. However, how your exam period is scheduled will once again determine the end of your exams. 

Some courses’ exams might be held fairly close together, while others might be spread out widely. A-Level exams will often last longer than GCSE exams, and you may expect them to last until the end of June.

How long does it take to complete an A-level?

A-level courses generally end up within two years. This means that you will have to spend two years studying for it. The course will start exactly after your GCSE. Your A-levels are your ticket to getting into a good university and you will get a lot of help from it for increasing your chances of getting selected for the job. So prepare for it very well. You can also take your A-levels in a single year. But for it, you must remember that you must stay motivated for revising the A-level content so that you can get good grades in subjects like Sociology.

Is it possible to do an A-level in 6 months?

It depends on both the grades you wish to get and your level of innate intelligence. Most individuals would find it extremely difficult to complete three full A-levels in six months, yet it is not impossible. If you’re willing to put in the effort and study hard, you’ll succeed in your mission. There are many students who prepare for A-levels within six months. But the only thing is that you need to be focused on your studies. Try to make a full study plan and work according to it. 

When Do A-Level Exams Start and Finish in 2023?

How many hours do A-Levels Start and Finish?

You must study for 350 hours for your A-levels to get good grades. Obviously, everyone is unique and learns at a different rate. You can still use the advised amount of study hours as a general guide to help you. You can use it to determine whether you have enough free time to study for an A-Level or not. The time of hours mentioned is just the average number of hours that most of the students take. You can also use it to determine how to pace your learning during the course. Furthermore, if you are a person who is good at the chosen subject then the number of hours will be less.

How to study for your A-levels?

During your A-levels, you must focus on getting high grades for yourself. Try to revise the topics that you have studied in the class on a similar day. Make a timetable for studying each subject and give high priority to the subject that is tough. Stay away from distractions when you are studying as this will cause you to lose interest in studying. 

When you are studying try to create flashcards for yourself as it will help you at the time of revisions. Do not panic if you find something difficult. Take help from your teachers or your friends who are studying the same A-level. 

How many hours of A-level daily revision is enough?

Anything more than 4 hours per day can seriously stress your brainpower and impair your focus. You become less productive when more hours you put in. This is because you begin to distract from what you’re revising. This will lose focus on your revision. Nothing will stay in your memory, wasting your time and effort. 

It is useless to spend more than four hours revising because you won’t retain the material. You won’t be able to concentrate on your work, thus you won’t be able to recall it, which will result in you receiving lower grades on an exam.

When Do A-Level Exams Start and Finish in 2023?


A-levels are very important in your life. Many universities look for specific A-levels to get admission into it. Along with it, your A-levels will definitely help you to increase your chances of getting selected for a particular job. Thus it is important to know when your exam will start so that you can prepare yourself for it. You can expect your A-levels to start in mid-May and can expect it to end up by the end of June depending upon the selection of your subjects.

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