When Does Cambridge Offers Come Out 2024?

When we apply to one of the most reputable universities, we eagerly await the offer to come. Trust me, I have gone through this feeling when I applied to Harvard. I was so worried and nervous. I saw a similar situation with one of my students a few days ago. He had applied to Cambridge and was really nervous. I asked him to relax and wait for the offer to come out, but he was not sure when Cambridge offers come out. So, to help him calm down, I did some small research. To find out the date when they will release the offer, stay with me till the end.

Quick Takeaways

  • As the interview with Cambridge takes place at the start of December, Cambridge will offer you the decision letter by the mid-Jan of next year.
  • You will have to wait for the result day to get your place confirmed with the university.

However, you must read till the end so that you get a better understanding of when Cambridge offers come out.

When Does Cambridge Offers Come Out?

What date will Cambridge give an offer?

When you are officially applying to the university, you will generally receive an email invitation for the interview after the middle of November. This is because the interview will take place within three weeks of December. The official date a which you will finally receive the decision letter will be around mid-January of the next year. These letters are emailed and posted to you so that you do need not to worry if you were not at home during that particular time.

You will be informed about when you will be receiving the letter once it is emailed to you by Cambridge college. However, the result will be confirmed during your result day. If you are not selected for the university and do not want to continue with it, you may stop getting emails from the school. Let us see how much time Cambridge takes to make an offer.

How long does Cambridge take to give offers?

Every university offers depends upon when and what kind of application you have made. Cambridge follows the same pattern. You will have to wait for the result day to get your place confirmed with the university. This is because the courses in Cambridge are more academic focus and therefore it will make their decision on their result day. However, how much time it will take will also depend upon how your interviews are gone.

As already discussed that the interviews will take place in December, and you will get the office from Cambridge by the end of January.

What percentage of people get an interview at Cambridge?

When Does Cambridge Offers Come Out?

Cambridge always gives a chance to a higher number of candidates in the interview. They almost give chance to 70% of candidates to sit in the interview. This is extremely large when compared to Oxford for which the interview rate is even less than 40%. Also, an important point to be considered over here is that Cambridge also has low students to get into the interview who have lower scores in their admission tests or in GCSEs. This means that you may still stand a chance of getting selected. 

How hard is it to get an offer from Cambridge?

This can be answered by looking at the acceptance rate of Cambridge for the years 2019 and 2020. In 2019 the acceptance rate for Cambridge was 24.2% and in 2020 the acceptance rate was 15.7%. In 2020 only 3,625 students were placed out of 23,140 applications.  From the statistics, you can conclude that the acceptance rate for 2020 has decreased from the year 2019. This acceptance rate is given considering all the factors in mind.
However, you must remember the acceptance rate for some of the competitive courses may be even lower than it. If we talk about medicine the acceptance rate for it is just 12.5%. 

Is Cambridge difficult to get into?

The acceptance rate of the university is a factor in itself to depict how hard it is to get into the university. As this university is one of the top most university in the UK, entry requirements of this university is also generally high which make it harder to get into. To get into this university you will need to have at least 3 A-levels. Though the entry requirements will generally be different for all types of courses, the most common are discussed further.
What are the common entry requirements of Cambridge?

Is Cambridge difficult to get into?

Following are the most common entry requirements of Cambridge-

1. A-levels

Generally, you need to get an A*A*A* if you are applying for Science courses and A*AA if you are applying for Arts subjects. However, if you live in Scotland then you need to have AAA at an advanced higher grade.

2. IB courses

If you are applying to the university with this program, you will need to score at least 40-42 in it. 

3. Personal statement

The personal statement is just like an essay in which you describe yourself. Therefore it is important to create an engaging personal statement, that helps the admission head to know who you are. You must involve things like your achievements, awards, academic qualifications, etc. 

When Does Cambridge Offers Come Out?


Cambridge is one of the top most university in the UK. The official dates at which it officially makes its decision is around mid or ending January after the completion of interviews. The acceptance rate of this university is too low about 15.7%. The admission criteria of this university are generally higher and thus it makes it more difficult to enter this university. However, the best part of this university is that it gives the 70% of the applications to sit for the interview

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