When do Universities confirm your Place?

When you complete your A-levels, you may want to go for higher education like University. Getting admission to your chosen university is the most important part of your life. You may feel stressed while waiting for the response from your university and therefore, you must know how and when the university confirms your place in the university.

Quick Takeaways

  • The university will receive the A-level results on a day before the result day and thus your application will be rejected or accepted will be done before your result day. 
  • Your results are officially out on the result day. You will need to be in contact with your respective institution to know when and how you can take up your results.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts related to when will the university confirm your place.

When do Universities confirm your Place?

When do universities confirm your place?

Universities at which you apply will receive your A-level results before the result day. Result day is usually the second Thursday of August. This means that whether your application is accepted or rejected will be confirmed a few days before the second Thursday of August. It also means that you will be receiving your grades a few days after your university receives them. However, if you have accepted the offer and want to change it, you can easily do it. Further, you must know that you can also get into the university without getting into the A-levels.

How do you know if a university has accepted you?

When your university receives your A-level results, they update them on your UCAS track. From it, you can start tracking if your application is accepted or rejected. Though you will not be able to see your exact grades. To get your exact grades, you will need to visit your school or the institution. Also if you are worried about the attendance of A-levels, there is nothing to worried. Your university will accept you once they receive your A-levels. You must also know if the university is harder than the A-levels.

How to get your result?

Your results are officially out on the result day. You will need to be in contact with your respective institution to know when and how you can take up your results. It is because each board has its own timing for taking results. Many institutions allow you to take up the result via email or online mode. If this is the case, the institution may already have told you about it. If not, you must be in contact with your institution to get your result.

How do universities receive your A-level?

UCAS track is the main thing for you to track your grades. Similarly, when your exams are marked they are received at the university you applied to through the UCAS. The board at which you take the exam will send the grades to UCAS. The UCAS then matches the topics on your application and then gives your final grade to the university. However, there are universities or some specific courses that will allow you to directly apply. You just need to do some research related to it.

When do Universities confirm your Place?

What should you do if you do not meet the requirements?

There are different reasons why you may not be able to meet up the requirements of getting selected. Thus depending on the reason, you must try to solve your problem. One of the problems that you may face is that you are an international student. Many universities have the criteria to be from a specific nation and that may be a problem for you. You can take up training courses to help yourself to get an educational background from a particular university. 

Another problem that you may face is that your English level is not as good as required. You can take up English-speaking courses from the English language institute abroad. The last and most important reason may be having lower grades than the course requirement. Though it might be tough for you to enter a particular course, you can still manage to enter it. If you can provide them with relevant skills and experience, chances are that you may get into the desired university. Another thing is again by taking up training programs. It will help you to get into the university easily.

How long does it take for the university to make an offer?

As we already discussed, your university will receive your result before the result day. Thus you can expect them to make their decision after that. Though you must also know that the final decision of the university to which you applied will also depend upon the type of application you send. Your university may take their time for your application days after the result day. This is because of the nature of your application. There are generally three types of applications that have been discussed further.

Types of the application

Following are the three main types of applications-

Early decision

Early decision applications are like binding on you. This means that you must get admission to the university where you send the early decision application. Thus you must send the early decision application to only one university. The last date for sending your early decision application to the university is November and you can expect to listen up from them by December.

When do Universities confirm your Place?

Early action

Early action applications will allow you to send the application early and get their response early. You can send the early action application to the university by mid-November and you can expect their decision by February.

Regular decision

This is the most common application. It is an application that is made on a normal basis. You can send it to various universities by January or February. This depends upon the university you want to send the application and therefore you will need to look for the application deadline. You will get the response to these applications by April. 


Your university will confirm your seat after it receives your grades from UCAS. UCAS generally sends your grades to your university before the result day. When your grades are marked, UCAS will check for the subjects you have mentioned in the application, and depending upon it UCAS send your grades. Though your university may take some time to respond to your application depending upon the type of application you send.

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