When should you apply for College in the UK?

After completing school, the next thing is to apply for college. As college is an important part of your academic life, you must think of getting the right college for you. The student does have a lot of confusion about when they are going to apply to colleges. They are confused about when to start submitting the application to college.

Quick Takeaways

  • Obviously, you must start applying to colleges as soon as possible. 
  • You must make sure to see the opening dates for the applications and thus start applying earlier. 
  • Generally, most of the colleges will start receiving applications in October.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important facts about when you should apply for College in the UK.

When should you apply for College in the UK?

When Should You Apply For College in the UK?

Most colleges will start accepting the application from the student from October only and up to the new year or when can stay in the autumn term of year 11. The date for starting the application process is not fixed in any college; it varies but it will be the date from October to April. You should always try to apply to college as soon as possible. After submitting the application you have to go through an interview round. You should spend time choosing a subject with a good combination that will help you to achieve a good grade in the future.

There are many students who don’t have knowledge about what they should do after completing secondary school so they wait for their GCSEs result. By doing this the student will get the right choice of subjects which they are going to learn in college and which suit them the best. But this is not the right way to select. When the student waits for the result, they might end up not getting into the right college. However, you should try to get colleges that have a high number of happy students.

How Late Can the Student Leave Applying For Sixth Form College?

The student can leave to apply for sixth-form college in March or April but this should not be done as the student should have their application last up by January. There will be some colleges that don’t wait for the student for a long time as the colleges don’t have the same starting and end dates. So you should make sure to check the deadlines for submitting the applications so that you don’t miss them.

When should you apply for College in the UK?

The student who applies for sixth form college from straight year 11 has to prepare for the exams in the springtime and during the application process which is going to the college, they can use the time for revision. But when the student chooses to fill out the application in the end it leads the student to a lot of unnecessary stress of thinking, the deadline is coming and they have not submitted the application, and even you are not prepared for further process. Further one of the most important things to remember is that there will be cameras in the classroom that will monitor you regularly. Thus make sure you have seen the classrooms earlier.

When is the Earliest the student Can Apply For College in the UK?

The submission of the application for applying to college is said to be earliest during October or November. The colleges do organize for the student some taster days in which the student does get an idea of the colleges and what the study would be like here. You can take the help of the college advisor platform to know which college you should choose.

The student during the first term of the academic year can also decide what subjects will be better for them and would be good choices for them. They can also speak to the teachers of the college and get guidance about a variety of subjects. You must also look for the requirements if you are only having two A-levels. After receiving the results from the school you may not want to continue with the college and thus you may want to stop getting emails for it.

Do Colleges Have a Different Date for the Student to Apply to college?

The colleges do have a different date at which the student has to apply and they also have their own deadline dates. So you should make sure to check the dates of the college for submitting the application and the deadline which is explained on the college’s official website. Mostly the time frame for applying to the college is considered to be from October/November to April/march.

If you are not able to find the dates for the submission of the application or for the deadline they can send an email to the college asking for the details of the admission process. When you are going to college you must also remember that you will be meeting the resident assistant of the area where you will be living.

When should you apply for College in the UK?

What Happens If You Apply For College Too Late?

After closing the application process by the colleges there is the least chance for the student to get the application to be submitted. The college’s administration accepts the student until their seats are full or the capacity of taking the student is over and due to this the student will not be able to apply for the college after the deadline for the application submission is over.
However, you must try to apply before the deadline and to at least 4-5 colleges. This is because some of the colleges look at your senior year grades and you may not have scored well in it.


The student should apply for college in the UK in the month of October/November don’t wait until the last moment as it will create a lot of pressure on the student and the student will not have much to get prepared for the next stage of the application.

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