When should you apply to Secondary School in the UK?

After completing primary school, students are very excited about applying to School as they are going to have the next steps in their academic life. So for the student and for their parents, it is very hard to decide when and what a student should apply for a secondary school in the UK.

Quick Takeaways

  • The date for applying to secondary school depends upon the school itself. 
  • It depends on the location, school interview, application deadline, etc. 
  • Usually, your child will be attending the school when he or she will be in year 6 and will be of 11 years.

However, you must read till the end so that you do not miss any important information related to when should you apply to the schools in the UK.

When should you apply to Secondary School in the UK?

When Should You Apply to Secondary School in the UK?

Going to school is important in the UK. Thus it is important to know when should you apply for secondary school. Depending on the location of different local Schools the exact time and date for applying to Secondary School in the UK will vary. But most students can apply to Secondary School when they are 11 years old and are in year 6. You will need various things like address proof to apply to secondary school. The following are some points showing went to apply to a Secondary School:

  • School open days. 
  • dates for filling out documentation.
  • Aptitude Test. 
  • School interviews. 
  • School offers and appeals.

1. School open days

The student should attend the open days of the schools present in the local area so that they can check out the options of their Secondary Schools and decide which to apply for. Generally, it takes place in September and October every year.

2. Aptitude test

If the student is applying for a private school then they have to give entrance exams which are conducted in November. If you want to go to a Grammar School or a private school then they have to give an 11 + exam which is taken in year 6 or late in year 5.

When should you apply to Secondary School in the UK?

3. Dates for filling out the documentation

The student has to fill out the form in which they have to state the school they want to attend. The form is from the local education authority and is filled out approximately in October. The student has to select five options for the school they wish to apply to. This is because if the first-of-choice of school does not accept the application you do have other options. So don’t leave the space blank and the closing date of filling the form on October 31st.

4. School interviews

Not every school conducts an interview session for the student. We can say that the interview is kept for the student so that they can question anything they want to know about the school. The school interview is conducted from November to February.

When should you apply to Secondary School in the UK?

5. School offers and appeals

Schools offering places to be students are sent during February and March which means that the student is being accepted to attend the school. But it is also possible that you are kept on a waiting list which is declared between March and April. If you are not able to get a place in the school, you can appeal to the school again in May and June.

The process of appealing to the secondary school depends upon the school individually. As school is going to start in September, the student should have an offer from the appealing school so that they can go to the school before September only.

What age should a student apply to Secondary School? 

Mostly the applying age to Secondary School is 11 years or the student is at the end of year 6. This year they are finishing primary school and year 7 is the year the student is going to Secondary School. In case the student is applying to a medical School, the applying age might be different. But the student has to begin before year 6. If the student has any confusion regarding the application to Secondary School they can get the information from the school itself about the whole process.

What to do if the student misses a school application deadline? 

In case a student Misses the deadline for applying to a Secondary School and they apply after the closing date then the student is classed as in year application and the procedure for applying for the school is different according to the individual local authorities. As you are applying after the closing date, you have to fill out a different type of form and the form is then sent to a different place.

When should you apply to Secondary School in the UK?

It is possible that you may be allocated to any random School. So make sure to apply for secondary school before the deadline. In case you are having a problem applying for the form you can get help from the local Council office. You should fill out the form and enter the list of multiple schools you want to go to which will increase your chance to get to the school you desire to study.


The application to Secondary School is sent when the student is in year 6 and the age of the student is around 11 years old. The feeling of the form before October. The student should attend the open days of the secondary school so that they get to know about your moment of the school. 


When should the student start looking at secondary school? 

Secondary School open days are open for students who are in year five and the student should go and look at the school and check the environment before only. 

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