Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons In 2024? (Everything Explained)

I believe that to learn a new language, it is crucial to develop all the skills including reading, speaking, and writing skills. While it is easy to learn how to read and write a language, the difficult part is achieving the right pronunciation. The biggest way to have the right pronunciation is to know how the native speakers talk and Duolingo gave me this feature. Duolingo has not only helped me to learn a language but has given me Duolingo audio lessons to understand how native speakers talk.

Since I started using Duolingo, I have loved to use the audio lessons. I can assure you they are a great way to learn the right pronunciation. Thus, I suggest you check them. But where can you get them from? Let me show you the path to get them.

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

What are Duolingo audio lessons?

Duolingo audio lessons are like podcasts, where you listen to two native speakers of your targeted language. The main difference between the audio lessons and podcasts is that you will get much-advanced knowledge in podcasts. Duolingo audio lessons are also based on vocabulary or grammar. I was so adored with these audio lessons that I started focusing more on them than the normal lessons.

Duolingo audio lessons helped me in improving my speaking skills. There are a lot of different topics like pronunciation, spotting context, etc. These lessons last for 2-5 minutes duration. On completing each lesson, you will get a 20 XP score. All the XP scores will count towards your Duolingo league.

Update: With the current learning path, Duolingo has removed the Duolingo audio lessons from the platform. Here, is the official statement of Duolingo on removing the audio lessons from the platform.

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

Where can you find Duolingo Audio Lessons?

Earlier Duolingo audio lessons were available in a separate tab at the side of the stories tab. There is a headphone icon on this tab.

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

However, currently, they are not available on a separate tab. In fact, they are no longer available anywhere on the platform. The Duolingo Audio lessons have been removed from the platform which may be added to the platform after some time. It happened with the stories feature as well. They were removed from the old tab and included in the lesson itself.

There is no such update for Duolingo audio lessons. When they were removed, it really pissed me off. It is because I was a great fan of them. However, if you are studying French or Spanish courses, you will get podcasts for them. You can listen to podcasts on Spotify and Apple Music Store.

How do audio lessons work?

To hear an audio lesson, select the Audio Lessons tab and choose the language you want to study. When I was studying French, I received 13 different packs with 4-5 units in them. They mainly focus on common topics and are created from the beginner to intermediate level. On Duolingo, you can either set it to play on auto-play or listen to all the lessons. When the lesson starts playing all you have to do is listen to it.

Further, I also read the content on the screen and found the spellings of the words I was listening to. Native speakers in the audio lessons used different phases that helped me while struggling with the language. In addition to that, the presenters of the audio lessons keep on inviting me to practice the words from the lesson. In such an activity, I have to repeat after the presenters in the lessons.

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

It helped me to improve my knowledge and test how attentive I was during the lesson. Most of the exercises helped me to learn the words and the sentences based on my memory. The last audio lesson allowed me to test everything I have learned so far. Presenters of the lesson asked me questions in my targeted language. 

Which languages have audio lessons?

You can get audio lessons for only two languages: French and Spanish, and that too for only English-speaking people. It means that if you are learning any other language like Japanese,  Italian, High Valyrian, etc., you will not find audio lessons for them. Additionally, you must know that these audio lessons are only available for IOS users. The reason for this is that most of the time, Duolingo brings its new feature first on IOS devices and not on Android devices. After some time they introduce those features on Android devices.

What is the duration of Duolingo Audio lessons?

As we already mentioned, Duolingo audio lessons are short. These lessons are generally 2-5 minutes long as there is a short conversation between two native speakers. However, this is not the case for the final lesson. It will depend upon the time you take to respond to the presenters. So the more time you take, the longer the lesson will become. There is no doubt that Duolingo will keep updating the content. Thus we can expect these lessons to get longer in the future.

How much XP do you get for listening to Duolingo audio lessons?

When you listen to these lessons you will get 20XP which will be added to the leaderboard ranking. So if you are on autoplay, these XP points will be added quickly. Therefore listening to the audio lessons is a great way of earning a good number of XP without putting in extra effort.

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

How many Duolingo audio lessons are there on the platform?

As I already discussed, there are only two languages for which Duolingo audio lessons are available – French and Spanish. Thus, we can conclude that the total lessons will be based on the two languages. For French, there are 13 packs having 4-6 units. On the other hand, for the Spanish course, there are 9 packs and again each pack has 4-6 units consisting of different lessons. Each pack is based on parts of the language like vocabulary, grammar, etc. 

Are Duolingo audio lessons available for free members?

Duolingo is a platform which is free to use for every member. Thus, Duolingo audio lessons are also available to the free users of Duolingo. However, there was also a rumor that it is exclusively for users having Duolingo Plus membership. But it is not true.

What are the benefits of Duolingo Audio lessons?

Still in doubt if you should use them? Don’t worry. Below I have discussed the benefits of using Duolingo audio lessons –

1. Convenient

Duolingo audio lessons are so much more convenient to take up. I never had to make extra efforts to complete them. All I need to do is to sit with earphones in my ears. I kept the lessons on auto-play and did not touch my mobile even once. I remember once I used them in the speakers while I was traveling in my car. Although it was funny, it was a crazy movement to experience.

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

2. Lessons help in increasing the communication skills

When you take normal lessons, you do not work on your communication skills. However, Duolingo audio lessons are different. You will be able to develop your communication skills as you will listen to two native speakers and repeat after them.

3. Change the speed

If you are on your first audio lesson it will help you a lot as you can change the speed of the lesson. Being a beginner, I was unable to listen properly to what they were speaking. So, I slow down the speed of the lessons. However, if you think the lesson is slow, you can also increase the speed of it.

4. Check what you have learned 

Audio lessons are the ones that will help you to check what you have learned so far. It will help to test your ability to communicate with speakers of the same language. Further, it will also help you to get new phrases.

What are the drawbacks of Duolingo Audio lessons?

Undoubtedly, everything that has its advantages, has some disadvantages of using it. Following are the cons of Duolingo audio lessons –

1. Unable to track the progress

Where Can I Find Duolingo Audio Lessons? (Everything Explained)

When you use Duolingo, you can check where you are with the help of XP, streak score, etc. However, while completing the audio lessons, there is no feature to help you track your progress on Duolingo audio lessons. Further, it is the best way to review what you have learned so far.

2. Not available in most languages

According to me, this is the biggest drawback of using audio lessons. As you know they are only available in two languages i.e French and Spanish. It means that if you are in other courses, you can not take advantage of it. Further, they are also only available for users who use iOS devices. I had to switch to iOS to take advantage of these audio lessons.

Are Duolingo audio lessons worthy?

I am sure after reading the advantages and disadvantages, you will have an idea of whether Duolingo audio lessons are worth it or not. The audio lessons are the ones that helped me to develop my communication skills. In the audio lessons, I got two native speakers talking in my targeted languages. With the help of these lessons I practiced speaking in the language, I was learning. Thus, I love using them.

However, the biggest problem I faced was that it was only available for Spanish and French courses. So, if you are learning these two languages, it is worth taking them. But make sure you are using iOS devices. You can also try using the alternatives of Duolingo if you are unsatisfied with the Duolingo audio lessons.


Whenever I learn a new language, my major focus is to know how native speakers talk. Duolingo audio lessons are the ones that worked for me as a medium to understand it. They are the recordings of the conversations between two native speakers of the language you are learning. However, Duolingo has removed this feature from the platform, it was earlier found under a separate tab at the side of the profile icon. Only two courses had Duolingo audio lessons – French and Spanish.

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