Which Universities in the UK like EPQs?

EPQ stands for extended project qualification. Every student wants to stand out from others so many students choose EPQ to study A-level subjects. This is done so that during the time for sending applications to the university they strengthen their applications. But do the universities really consider EPQs?

Quick Takeaways

  • EPOs are the qualifications that need a lot of time and effort to complete. 
  • It is basically like long-term projects that you need to give. 
  • Thus many universities do consider this type of qualifications while short-listing the candidates. 
  • There are some universities that do not consider this education. 

However, you must read till the end to understand which universities in the UK like EPQs.

Which Universities in the UK like EPQs?

What is an EPQ? 

It is the qualification that you have to do research on the project you have chosen. In that research project, you have to write in massive amounts about it. You can involve the things like what was their motivation to write about this topic and what was the planning during the research time. If you are successful at the end of the qualifications you tend to have a maximum of 28 UCAS points, it depends on the student which subjects they have chosen. The following are the two types of EPQ that are considered during the research of the projects:

  1. A 5000-word dissertation
  2. Artifact

Let us first see which universities consider the EPQ qualifications before discussing about the two different EQs.

Which Universities in the UK Like EPQs?

EPQs help to describe to the administration department what are the additional skills that you have learned during the project. If you have low grades in A-levels subjects but hold the EPQs so for that student it will lower the grade requirements.

Which Universities in the UK like EPQs?

There are many universities that don’t consider EPQ as an integral part of the university accepting the applicant. The following are some universities in the UK that value the EPQ, not for formal conditional offers but they still want the students to have relevant EPQ Experience in the process when a student writes their personal Statement:

  • G5 university
  • The University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London.
  • London school of economics. 
  • The University of Oxford. 
  • University College London. 

There are many other universities like Russel group, university of Southampton in which the students who are eligible will have two offers one is the usual offer in which EPQ is done with an A, and the second is offered in which the student may receive an offer in which they may have a grade lower in their A level. 

Types of EPQs

Following are the two types of EPQs that you will be doing-

A 5000-word dissertation

In EPQ in which the students have to write 5000 words, after doing all the research about the topic. Though taking up this EPQ will help you in the university, as you will also make a long university dissertation. You may have to give a presentation as well. So you have to prepare yourself for the final presentation about the researched topic.

Which Universities in the UK like EPQs?


In the second type of EPQ, the student has to create a physical product based on the research by which it is even possible that a student has to show their artifact in a film Or in a fashion show. With the physical product, the student has to write a short essay on it. In it, you have to write about the artifact such as Describing it and the process that evolved in making the artifact.

Which Universities in the UK like EPQs?

When can apply for the EPQ?

You can apply for an EPQ  when you enter the sixth form in year 12. You will get to complete the project before December in year 13. So you need to have high commitment and planning so that you are able to schedule your studies of the subjects and research for EPQ properly. 

How does having an EPQ affect the University’s Offers?

The effect of having an EPQ depends on the course and to which university you are applying. As there are some universities that do have alternative offers for students who have experience working in EPQ except the programs that are based on clinical experience.

There are some universities that do provide the student with dual offers. For example, in some universities, there will be some course that requires ABB for A-level and they also provide an alternative offer as the grade requirement for the course will be lowered to BBB and A in EPQ.


Having an EPQs project experience have an advantage for the student during the process of the interviews as the student may have the practice the question that is going to ask during the process in interviews and during the EPQs the student has to write an essay of 5000 words which do require to do a lot of researches that is helpful for the student to gain the knowledge deeply about the subjects.



What is the other alternative a student can do instead of EPQs?

The other alternative the student can do is the Big Bang Science Competition, Google Science Competition, Imperial Schools Science Competition, and Mathematics of Planet Earth Competition.

Should I do EPQ or further in math? 

If the student is interested in studying math subjects after college then they should continue with A-levels in further math.

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