Who is a School Prefect and what do they do?

When you are going to school, you will have to study and perform other duties as well. There are many responsibilities that you may have to go through including school prefect. Every school in the UK does have a  school prefect. Every student of the school gets the chance to become a prefect. But who is a school perfect?

Quick Takeaways

  • School Perfect is the one that is elected by the other students in years 11 and 13. 
  • As a school prefect, you have to perform various responsibilities for the school. 
  • There are different types of school perfects like head boy/girl, etc. 

However, you must read till the end so that you can easily understand who is a school perfect and what they do.

Who is a School Prefect and what do they do?

Who is a School Prefect and what do they do?

The student is elected as school perfect when they are in year 11 or 13 which is in the final year. The student who has been selected or elected does perform and is responsible for performing certain duties. The school includes many duties. The student who is selected as head boy and girl, house captain, library prefect, etc is the school prefect. According to the selection, the students have to perform their duties, for example, being the head boy and girl, the students have to give speeches, and they have to represent the schools during the events. 

Who is a School Prefect?

The student is selected or elected from various students who have to perform certain responsibilities. The school administration gives the student some authority in school. The student who became a school prefect does have the advantage when they do mention it in their CV. The schools have various categories in a school prefect.

When can a student become a School Prefect?

The student is capable of becoming a school prefect when they are in year 11 when the student is in secondary school and in year 13 when the student is in the sixth form. The student is chosen in the last year of school as during this year the student does have more knowledge of the school and does have more skills and they will feel more confident in the last year. The application for Becoming a school prefect depends on school to school as some schools take the application for a school prefect in year 10 and some take it in year 12.

Who is a School Prefect and what do they do?

Before sending the application for becoming a school prefect the student should think about which position is best for them to apply for. During the selection of a school prefect school, the administration does notify the student what is the deadline for sending the applications and what are the various positions that a student can apply for. 

What are the Different Types of School Prefects?

The type of school prefect depends on the school. The following are some common types of school prefects:

  • Head boy/girl
  • Deputy head boy/girl
  • House captain
  • Library prefects
  • Hall Monitor

1. Head boy/girl

The position of head boy and girl is the most prestigious. This is the position for which many students applied and is a highly competitive position. The student who is selected as head boy and girl represent the school and they should be a role model for the younger students in the school. And the head boy and girl lead the other students who are selected to be perfect for the school. 

Who is a School Prefect and what do they do?

2. Deputy head boy/girl

The students who are selected as deputy head boy and girl have to do duties that are almost similar to the duties of head boy and girl. The position of deputy head boy and girl is also the highest position that the student desires after head boy and girl. When the head boy and girl are absent the duty of deputy head boy and girl has to do the duty for them which acts like an understudy. 

Who is a School Prefect and what do they do?

3. House captain

Most schools in the UK have in-school houses and the students are divided into their houses. The house has a caption who is the student that leads the house to perform their best and get victory in all the events such as sports, academic competitions, etc. There is only one student who is the house captain of the house and does represent their In-school house.

4. Library prefects

A library prefect is a position in which the student has to take some responsibility for the school library. The student who is selected to be library prefect has to sometimes help the student with books, keep the library neat and clean and make sure that the books are kept in perfect order. They are responsible for organizing the school event in which the library matters, such as the event world book day.

5. Hall Monitor

The hall monitor is not a common position in UK schools. The duty of the hall monitor is to keep the halls neat and orderly. They even have to maintain the hall during break or lunch times. 

What is Required to Become a Prefect?

The students should have the quality of cooperation as the student who is selected as prefect has the duty to look after students and solve their problems if they have any issues. For the student who is capable of becoming a prefect, the behavior points are checked off the student and if the student doesn’t have enough behavior the student cannot become a prefect. The student should be well-mannered with other students and with teachers. the student should not hold any bad record as it will increase the chance of the student not becoming a prefect.


The schools in the UK mostly have school prefects who have certain responsibilities for the school and have to maintain certain rules of the school. guide the student if they are having any issues. They represent the school in events. For becoming a school prefect the student needs to have behavior points and qualities without that the student can not be selected as a prefect.



What are the questions asked in a perfect interview?

The common questions asked in a prefect interview are why do you want to become a prefect, what are the responsibilities of a prefect, what’s a good prefect, etc. 

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