Why are College Professors So Bad at Teaching?

After completing higher education a student is very much excited to complete the graduation degree and go to college. But when they enter the classes their opinion of the professor’s teaching differs. There are some professors whose teaching is so well in college making the student understand the tough topics easily but there is some professor who is so bad at teaching, the topics are not taught properly. But why are college Professors so bad at teaching?

Quick Takeaways

  • Teachers may not be able to teach the students properly as they may have to deal with various problems with administration or they have a lot of other work to do. 
  • There can also be a salary issue with the professors and thus they may not be able to teach the students in the right manner.
  • The classes in the college are conducted on a large scale by different professors so if you find that the teacher is not interested in teaching you can change your class.

However, you must read till the end so that you can get a better understanding of how can you ask for an appointment with the professor.

Why are College Professors So Bad at Teaching?

Why are college professors so bad at teaching?

Many students complain that the professors in the college are not good at teaching and the students have different perspectives on them like they don’t have training as teachers, they don’t know the subject, etc. They think that the professor teaches in the college just for earning a salary, and they don’t enjoy teaching. However, teachers should follow these evidence-passed techniques while teaching their kids.

What are the main reasons for professors to teach badly?

Concluding that the professor is not good at teaching in one day is not a good option as the students have different adapting levels in education. Here are some common reasons why professor teaches badly:

  • When the professor is having a problem with the administration in the case of salary. As every professor wants, they must earn a good salary. But if the professor’s earnings are not good he/she will not get a boost while teaching. Their morale for teaching the student goes down. 
  • Sometimes the professor has to deal with a lot of work like teaching and attending the meeting. Many of the professors deal with a lot of headaches and on that day the professor will not show much interest in teaching.
  • When the professor uses a high level of vocabulary to teach the student and the student finds it difficult to understand the lecture.
Why are College Professors So Bad at Teaching?
  • When the professor is at the stage of his/her retirement. they lose interest in teaching and do not teach the student interested.
  • The student faces the problem as they are not used to the college education environment. They consider that the level of teaching in the school and the college is the same. hence blaming the professor for teaching badly.
  • The professor hired mostly by the institutions is the one who does their research while teaching the student. So those professors are more interested in doing their research and are not able to teach the students properly. Due to this, the student is not able to understand the subject.
  • Teaching skills also matter for being good at teaching. The student gets interested in the lectures when the teacher is also showing interest in the teaching. Interacting with the students, not making them get bored, and making the students learn the topic wisely.
  • If the professor lacks communication, and organizational skills this will lead to a bad teaching result and the students will not be interested to attend the class as they will not be able to understand the topic.
  • They may be still doing their PH.d. due to which they have less time.

What can a student do if the professor is not teaching well?

Why are College Professors So Bad at Teaching?

In many colleges, there is a professors whose teaching is not good and the students are not able to learn from them. here are some solutions of what a student can do to deal with this situation as this cannot be avoided:

  • The classes in the college are conducted on a large scale by different professors so if you find that the teacher is not interested in teaching you can change your class.
  • As if the professor is not teaching well in the class, there will not be a single child who will have the issue. Concern with the group of students if they are also facing the same problem and you can do the group study of the difficult topic making it each student in a group easy to understand the topic.
  • Also, the student can get a tutor to make the subject teach them.
  • The students should depend on the professor for teaching them. They can have a self-study period and help themselves in the clearance of the topic.
  • Ask your school to have 15-minute rules.

The reason why is the professor so rude to the student?

As you have noticed that many of the professors are rude to the student or may look rude while they talk about the students at their backs. Here are some reasons why the professor was so rude to the student

1. Creating discipline:

As the student to the professor who is linear to them don’t take serious attention in class. This made the class environment break. So some professors maintain discipline in the class so that students can easily study and be focused in class.

2. Due to old age:

Most professors in universities are hired that have a great experience in the field of teaching as they have spent their whole life teaching and have grown old. The student may think the professor is rude to them.

3. Having workload:

The professor has to teach any class on a large scale and that creates a lot of workload and tiredness due to which they don’t show much interest in teaching the class.


The professors of the college teach badly due to various reasons and if the student is having an issue with the teaching, the student can have many solutions. but all they need to do first is go to the professor and explain the problem and ask them to help them. as if the professor will listen to the problem and make the changes in teaching, cooperate with the student, and try his best to make the student understand the topic.

If a professor does all the possible things to make them understand, the student is said to be a good professor. but despite talking to the professor, he/she doesn’t help the student or make changes in teaching can be considered a professor who is not interested in teaching but rather in earning only.

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